Wednesday, August 4, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On The Free AD&D first edition module " N6: Mass for the Missing Priest " By RC Pinnell

"The village of Hogg Bottem has fallen on hard times. Can the adventurers return the village to it's previous prosperity? An adventure for 5-9 characters of 1st level. Updated October 2019 with improved maps and minor corrections."

Sometimes what's needed is a basic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure module that will fill two needs at the same time. Need one is a low level yet challanging adventure & the second is that such a module can act as touch stone & jump off point for a campaign. " N6: Mass for the Missing Priest " by RC Pinnell does exactly this. This module provides the DM with all of the bells & whistles they need to have players kick off an entire campaign at first level. And this is something that the author recognizes straight off ;"
Centuries ago a wizard discovered the (then) lake and constructed a tower on the largest island in it. A mad-hermit type that loved to do spell research, his dabbling somehow attracted groups of Minotaur to the location, much to their misfortune, for he would immediately trap and conduct experiments upon the dimwitted creatures. After using them, the beasts were set free upon the lake, which quickly became spoiled and tainted by their foul use. It took decades to become the marsh it now is. The village of Hogg Bottem was founded when a group of explorers discovered the marshes and the bounty of giant crayfish residing within. Harvesting the creatures, however, required more than the group had anticipated, as they encountered multiple bands of Minotaur roaming the marshes. After two years of constant battle the majority of the Minotaur were slain, with those not, forced to flee for their lives; never to return to the marshes again." 
Don't worry there are lots of secrets in the village of Hogg Bottem. The author takes the material & in thirty four pages really gives a solid adventure. The village of Hogg Bottem is the type of place that an adventurer will want to return to. There are lots of other installments in this series  the first two installments are N6: Mass for the Missing Priest and N7: Mystery Beneath the Church. All of the material for these modules has been established in N6: Mass for the Missing Priest.  And this is one of the things that one finds in N6: Mass for the Missing Priest. There's little space wasted on actually messing about. The focus here is on the encounters , the  monsters, and the treasure. N6: Mass for the Missing Priest   doen't have to be time consuming becauise it presents itself as a beginning module & proceeds at a rapid adventure module. N6: Mass for the Missing Priest does waste the player's time and instead goes for the vien. This is a solid adventure with strong  NPC's. solid encounters, & a very centeral driven adventure plot. N6: Mass for the Missing Priest is easily adaptable to your favorite OSR retroclone system

N6: Mass for the Missing Priest is available right for free  here. 

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