Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Reivew & Commentary on 'Thieves' Guild 2' By Kerry Lloyd, Richard Meyer, & Michael Watkins for Your Old School Campaigns

 "Thieves' Guild 1 challenged fantasy gamers with a new kind of role-playing aid — a book of rules and adventures designed for a particular class: the maligned and misunderstood thief. Now, in Thieves' Guild 2, the tradition is continued — with additional rules and guidelines, and new adventures."

"Roam the stone corridors in the burial vaults of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun. Match wits with the tomb designers of old to detect and disarm diabolically devious devices of doom (say that three times fast!). Leave with treasure worth a kingdom, or maybe you won't leave at all...
And ten highwaymen encounters, plus expanded rules for handling combat, magic, and hireling procurement, and much, much more...""

Wayback in 1980 Gameslords was churning out some really excellent products one of these was the Thieves Guild rpg system. This system was made to highlight the dark underworld of Sword & Sorcery Appendix N of classic Pulp & dark fantasy paperbacks. Thieves Guild charted out many neifarious & criminal acts that PC's could become involved in. And the system was very well done. 

I had the opportunity to grab a whole bunch of the 'Thieves World' titles & jumped at the chance. Why?! These are very old & seem to be relics of another age. Because 'Thieves' Guild 2' By Kerry Lloyd & Richard Meyer & Michael Watkins actually still has merits today in 2021. These rules are actually geared towards low level magic & high adventure encounters & scenarios. 'Thieves' Guild 2' has additional rules, encounters, etc. all laid out from the dawn of the hobby. Because the OSR uses older rules sets & retrclones as its basis. 'Thieves' Guild 2'remains revelant! 
One can easily adjust, convert, & use the whole cloth underlying ideas from the 'Thieves' Guild 2'  supplement into one of the many retroclone systems. 

These adventure elements are from 1980 but they are not only usable but solid for those who want to run Sword & Sorcery adventures with quite a bit of criminal underbelly elements.  The burial vaults of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun is an excellent low magic high adventure location. Tricks, traps, etc. are all in evidence here in 'Thieves' Guild 2'. 
'Thieves' Guild 2' takes  the 'Thieves World'  rpg system & expands upon it. For modern Sword & Sorcery  retroclones such as Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The 'Thieves' Guild 2' material is a welcomed expansion! That's right there's no reason not to run the adventures, encounters, etc. found in 'Thieves' Guild 2' for your own home groups. 

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