Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The New England Bouys & The Tablet of Destiny - The Corman Incident - Game Session Report Number 8


Last night's gaming session was interesting, the New England Bouys want to really concentrate on the mining side of things.  They want to let the mercenaries deal with the other issues on Xabria Prime. The cover from below is for the new Hostile setting book coming out soon! Can't wait so I've been using it for my DM screen art work. 

Tonight's Hostile/Cepheus Engine hybrid game picks right up from last week's game session here.


The bouys came across this alien tablet when they were hitting mine claims on Xarbia  based on the artwork of  Andrea Bonazzi used without permission.

When it comes to  the Xarbia sector the players don't have all of the answers. The  Reticulans play a very significant role in the Xarbia sector but their almost afraid of it. A sort of 'hands off' land lord role in the sector. The question is why?! The Bouys have set up three mining claims on the planet of Xarbia prime so far. And while they have been buzzed by Reticulan military their clashes so far have been with the mercenary units on the planet side. The mercenaries have literally pushed them away from the 'abandoned'  wreck of the USS Roger Corman. But it was the activity of the mercenary forces at the alien pyramid  using flame throwers on a whole lor of weird proto plasmic like alien life forms! The merc's lost three of their own to the alien bastard things due to cold dice on my part! 

The Reticulans brought in two of their military saucers & blasted the Hell out of the protoplasmic life forms. They then brought any mercenary survivors aboard their saucers. 
The New England Bouys scored several lucrative mining claims planet side & its been handy to have Joseph Mohr's Gold Rush on hand for this. 

So far the corporates back home have been please about the 'Bouys' progress but Xabria is proving to be a bit of a mystery. And the 'Bouys' want to bring in a full corporate  security & xeno squad to handle some of what their seeing. They are extremely cautious! Several of the alien ruins & dungeons.  They deployed a robotic probe & followed the NPC merc's back to their camp on the night side of Xarbia. 

And that's when they found out that there was no mercenary camp anymore on the nightside of Xabria Prime. They detected strange single celled goo all over the area where the camp used to be! 

Terrestrial Shoggoth by the very talented King Ov Rats (www.devaintart.org) 

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