Saturday, August 21, 2021

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland - 'The Carcosa Slaughter Tour ' Mini Campaign Idea

 Awesome Rick  cleric of the  Orthodox temple of Lord Randy put his power glove on & looked over the alien landscape with his friends, 'Oh yeah! We have indeed entered the land of the forsaken brothers & sisters. Here only the cream of the crop will rise & the unbelieving fools will fall!' 
Lisa 10,000 a H.E.A.T.H.E.R.  adjust her perfect black streaked platinum blood  hair the countless time. Checked her swords, ammo, & her fanny pack of mayhem. 'F 'em let's do this!' she skated the biomechanical hill with perfect precision. 'You have my bow', Tam the Elf said for another countless time. 'We know you you idiot', Skater Dave the Dwarfling said without any real conviction his hover board easily moving over the broken skulls of countless humanoids & the biomechanical landscape.  'Does anyone know how we got here?! ' The bedazzled armor of St. Stallone the cyborg knight showed under the alien  suns. 'No idea' but we're here & its time to party dude!', Skuzz the mutant with his mohawk of many colours was on the job. And that's when the Carcosian monstrosity leered up out  of the biomechanical ruin's muck & mire! 

We've got a category one hurricane staring Connecticut in the face right now. Is this going to stop me from OSR blogging? Hell no! 

The other day was H.P. Lovecraft's birthday & for the last couple of days we've been messing with Geoffery McKinney's Carcosa. But it was reading through 'The City of Iron blog''s snap review of Carcosa that one of the comments by tony caught my attention; "Lovecraft constantly changed the roles the Primordial Ones, the Old Ones, and other creatures thought his stories. So I wouldn't really bother trying to figure out the connections between those alien creatures. (Although, the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia is an amazing book that should be owned by any fan of weird fiction and or fantasy.)

I think I would probably come up with my own Carcosa-esque history to explain away the roles those alien beings played in my science fantasy campaign."  This review &  comment got me thinking about how would we actually use Carcosa as a setting a game campaign. The answer was pretty much staring me in the face. Take Cha'alt & combined it with Carcosa to make a huge exoplanet. Then use a quick combo of Mutant Future, Realms of Chaos, to bring the adventure home! You're ready to go! Now the real meat of this  Oozing 80's and 90's nostalgia campaign mire would be Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland! 
And I'd run this like I'd Carcosa in the past classic Marvel Bronze age comic book madness with B/X awesomeness! The warlords of Carcosa pit their best cyber wrastlers &  gladiators against the adventurers of Neonlords while battling against the best that these two OSR games has to offer. Then I'd sell the interdimensional cable rights to Marvel's MoJo. PC's in the past have run into & been cyber repaired at Spiral's Body shop. Any fans of late Eighties & Nineties Xmen comicbooks will immediately recognize this blotted cyber demonic horror from the mojoverse! 

You can imagine that this not without cable & T.V. special event contracts!?! So the question in the past & present is, 'Have you got what it takes to go on tour?!' 
Dungeons, mega dungeons, mini dungeons,  ruins, he's got em all charted out & the cable rights locked in! Video games, virtual reality, social dimensional websites with smellovision??! Mojo provides it all twenty four hours a day & seven days a week! And now you'll be on your way to being his biggest stars forever & ever! 

The Great Old Ones need their entertainment & you will provide it! He's got the best in the business for traps & tricks! A certain troll & his family have been providing the bastard traps on contract for centuries! 
Anyhow we've got you covered & the universe will be entertained! It says so in your contract folk! 

Cover art to Uncanny X-Men #461. Art by Frank Cho
Artwork used without permission. 

Note that none of the rpg writers or companies are responsible for this blog entry or content in anyway. It was done for exertainment & educational purposes only. This blog post does not constitute a violation of copyright nor trademark of any Disney nor Marvel comics properties. This is for a home rpg campaign only. 

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