Friday, August 6, 2021

My Private Hommlet - T1 The Village of Hommlet By Gary Gygax - The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book


The village of Hommlet is more then the sum of its parts. The whole cloth pseudo European village created by Gary Gygax transported over to the Starship Warden . How did it get aboard the Warden or one of its ships?! My advice? Don't even bothering answering that question. Leave the fact open that there's something really strange going on aboard the Warden or one of its other ships. The mysteries of the Warden should be huge. The biggest mistake that I see with many dungeon masters is trying to solve every campaign point at once. The mystery of the starship is half the fun. This is a location that could be sailing through the ether for eons. We simply don't know. And its this not knowing that is half the fun. 
The other half is the fact that because of the way the Warden's decks are set up almost anything goes.  If we go by  the Rings of Brass, magical portals that lead to dwarven roads carved through the planes from Castles & Crusades Stains Upon The Green. We could even cross into other time periods of history. And this is where things get interesting & very dangerous. 
Hommlet is the perfect breeding ground for this. An isolated village in the middle of nowhere with a cast of NPC's. NPC's who have their own agenda. And that damn moat house just waiting for the PC's to stumble across it. And what about that hidden door in the moat house? This blog entry picks up right from here. 

You know the one that leads down into the other dungeons perhaps that pops up into old keep that keep on the Borderlands?! And what if those brass rings have been active for quite awhile now. And that they've been letting other interested parties into the underbelly of the Warden? Those other interested parties might be from another time or another deck?! Something that we've been thinking about is using some other interested parties from across time & space. Say the Nazi's special teams of soldiers & scientists who would love to get ahold of the Warden's technologies. And that's the beautiful part about using Amazing Adventures rpg mixed in. The Amazing Adventures Rpg companion has everything you need to pull this off easily. What happens with  the appearance of the Elven prince Wren upon the Warden?!  Prince Wren is from 'Starship Warden: Saving Wren and Deck Expansions adventure module. Worse what happens if the Nazi get a hold of the Elven prince Wren?! This could be very bad indeed. Will they know about the appearance of the party among the village of Hommlet?! Short answer yes because of the spies that have been secreted in Hommlet some months prior to the appearance of the party. 
If Hommlet is aboard the Warden this may also mean that there are a number of other parties from throughout Earth's history scattered across various decks. 
But if these parties from across Earth's history poke a bit too much then the forces of Chaos already on other locations of the Warden may strike back. This could help to explain some of B2 Keep on the Borderlands By Gary Gygax adventure elements. 
But it brings up another point, what was the original form & function of the castles & forts aboard the Warden?! 

B2 Could be the prior adventure events before the PC's stumble into the village of Hommlet. They barely survive the events of Keep on the Borderlands. What are the powers of the Caves of Chaos planning for the Warden?! Is there a lot more bubbling below the surface then anyone realizes?! 

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