Monday, August 2, 2021

Keep on The Borderlands of the Starship?! Using Castles & Crusades With Gary Gygax's B2 Keep on the Borderlands - The Castles & Crusades Rpg Aligned With The Star Ship Warden Rpg book

 "An unraveled dream of new worlds turned nightmare; lost in the deep beyonds, the Warden is your home, your world, your end" 


Troll Lords Games 'The Starship Warden' has been both a blessing & a curse in some respects. The Warden is an incredible template to do your own starship & according to my fellow DM's that's the plan. 'The Pequod' was a science vessel but is it where we find ourselves?! Hard to say. This blog post is going to pick right from here. We're coming at this from a different end. The Warden & its fleet of ships have been making ripples across the fabric of spacetime for decades.  This means that many of the modern decks of the Warden or its fleet of starships could be causing doorways across the normal space time continuum. 
So by default these ripples or rips in the fabric of spacetime might infect any number of worlds which by its very nature means that Amazing Adventures rpg 1930's era world could be invaded by the mutates of the Warden or its attendant ships. 

This could be a prime time to trot out Gary Gygax's  'B2 The Keep On The Borderland'. This time however the classic module is set aboard the Warden. And adventure events precedes from the classic module's time table. What I'm I blathering on about?! Well think about the fact that the Caves of Chaos has been spitting out orcs & other humanoids for eons prior to the events of B2. Could the machinery that's actually creating these humanoid armies have been co oped by an evil power from beyond?! 

The 1930's deck of the Warden get's invaded by orcs, gnolls, etc. because some evil god has turned on the faucet of power on?! The clone vats are spitting out a perfect army of darkness aboard the Warden to take over? Perhaps the rips in space time are the perfect cover for these invaders from beyond?! The evil clerics, etc. of B2 are all clones taken from the Warden's historical data banks & video game library turned into pawns of powers from beyond. Pawns that could invade Earth or another prime plane world. The perfect opportunity to use 'The Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural War' Companion. Which happens to be in an upcoming  Kickstarter. 
So could the supernatural or occult dark powers be turning the Warden or its fleet into the perfect other planar invasion force?! That the past  events of B2 & all of the surrounding fortresses are actually wars fought on the Warden?! And that the campaign world is a complete sham?! 
 Well yes & no. Yes the Warden or such ships could be the perfect breeding ground for an army of humanoids. But this goes a long way towards explaining many of the inconsistences of B2. Such as the lizardmen & the weirdness of the Minotaur encounter.  In point of fact the PC's may be planarly crossing over onto the Warden or other spacecraft & not even be aware of it! 

And in fact the party could be going from border village to village unaware that they are using facilities meant as a ski resort.  Now these ruins have become part of the machinery of T1 The Village of Hommlet. 

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