Thursday, August 12, 2021

Agencies of Violence & Warfare - Zozer Games Godstar & Warpland's by Gavriel Quiroga As Cepheus Engine Campaign Starter


So let's talk a wee bit more about Warpland's by Gavriel Quiroga today. The Eloi of the Warpland's setting may have originally been a client race of the fiefdom of Aurelia in the Godstar Rpg. Warpland's campaign setting is one part science fiction & two parts science fantasy shaken in with a core of Sword & Sorcery.  Zozer Games Godstar is a perfect contrast to the Barorque dark fantasy of Warpland.  Why?! 
 Because the factions on the face of Warpland's setting are not resting. The interstellar powers of Godstar have not been forgotten! No joke but imagine if you will that that Morlocks of Warpland not only remember the houses of Godstar but they want their blood.  Godstar's interstellar empires & houses represent everything that Warpland's powers & even the gods hate. Now give some of the factions of Warpland space craft & the stars will run red with blood. 

The high technologies & wild magicks of Warpland represent a quality that only appears in the myths & legends of the great houses of Godstar. 'The whole affair sets up a HeMan vs the chapter houses of Dune' on a bender feel. 
But what does that really mean?! The fact of the matter is that if we use both products as a campaign basis we get a very mythic or legendary quality about the affair. Think about it, Warpland is a world cut off from the hyperspace lanes. The gateways suddenly open up & a place spoken of in whispers appears across the maps once again. 
And should the warlords & magus of Warpland gain space travel capabilities?! All bets for the campaign universe are off! 
A great interstellar horde is going to go off into the greater universe on a rampage the likes of which Godstar's great houses haven't seen in centuries! Why?! 
Because the great houses remember the powers & dangers of the powers of Warpland. 

Read between the lines of Warpland & you can actually see the powers of Warpland could potentially have been great houses that have fallen into the great Abyss of interstellar history.  There's lots under the hood here to explore. More coming up! 

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