Friday, August 20, 2021

The Thorny Devil Kaiju Adapted From Godzilla The Series '98 For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 The Thorny Devil Kaiju is a mutation created during the 'Occult wars' of the 1950's after the nuclear bomb scare involving the Nazi fifth columnists in the Texas containment facility. The Thorny Devil Kaiju was responsible for the destruction of three Texas & Mexican towns. The Area 51 military monster hunter unit was able to capture the Thorny Devil Kaiju. Using a combination of high yield tranquilizers & sonic weapons the Area 51 team took the monster into custody.  The monster was experimented upon until the 90's. During the early 00's the Thorny Devil Kaiju was able to escape & has since reproduced scattering its projeny across the South Western United States. 

The Thorny Devil Kaiju is a force of terror & destruction able to stand up to Kaiju twice its size. Attacks by the Thorny Devil Kaiju  species is evidenced by the large areas marked by the highly toxic spikes of the monster. 
Against other kaiju & smaller prey the 
 Thorny Devil Kaiju uses its massive & flexible spiked tongue to impale its prey. Prey is trampled by the monster its superior strength & stamina able to bum rush even heavy prey. This sends only the heaviest prey to monster stomach. The Thorny Devil Kaiju is a very dangerous  hunter capable of burrowing through solid concrete with its superior strength & ultra strong claws. This monster will often lay in wait for its prey for hours. Humans, live stock, & even other smaller  Kaiju are on the menu. 

Thorny Devil Kaiju 

# appearing - Usually 1 or 2 if mated couple, 1d6 babies or young 

5/10, Move 20m,  Armor 7, Claw (melee 4d damage), Bite (melee 4D damage),  Survival 2,  Combat 3,  Melee 2 . Gigantism. Camouflage,  Armor, Regeneration As Troll,Thick hide, robust,  Special Abilities - Poisonous Projectile Spikes -Thorny Devil Kaiju are able to launch a hail of 2d6 spikes. These spikes are poisonous  victim must throw Physical 6+ or be paralyzed, Steeleskin, Bailful Burrowing - the Thorny Devil Kaiju is able to triple its move burrowing underground, Radioactive Blood Shot - The Thorny Devil Kaiju is able to project a stream of radioactive blood 30 meters that causes it's targets must throw Survival 6+ or gain a level of Contamination, Irradiate Flash  (ranged, can affect 3 adjacent targets at once; target must throw Survival 6+ or gain a level of Contamination), Strike Stampede - the Thorny Devil Kaiju is able to triple its movement to trample its target or prey, Kaiju Radiation & Fiery Immunity - the Thorny Devil Kaiju is immune to all radiation, normal fires, & even lava under certain circumstances, 

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