Friday, August 6, 2021

Review & Commentary On 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' By Leopoldo Rueda For The Seventh Edition Call of Cthulhu rpg

"Horror at the Westmore MotelIt’s the year 1983, and a disturbing coincidence
sends the protagonists of this story to investigate the Westmore Motel. What they will find there... is something out of this world!"

 Leopoldo Rueda sent me over a copy of  'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' which is a Call of Cthlhu rpg adventure. This is an Eighties specific adventure which reads like a cross between an H.P Lovecraft story & Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' had a love child. That adventure would be 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'. And that doesn't take away from the adventure in the slightest. And it only adds to the quirky late night creature feature of the adventure. 
 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' is a great late night movie style adventure to the 7th edition of Call of Cthulhu rpg. Because in twenty eight pages you get a full blown approachable adventure within the confines of a really no so nice road side motel set in 1983. You've got 3 pregenerated '83 investigators who have reasons to be there. You've got a solid adventure location with some of the more iconic & dangerous CoC monsters. And you've got an adventure location that can have other secrets within its walls. 

The writing is very tight within 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' & the adventure is perfectly attuned to run in a about 4-5 hours of play sessions.  Leopoldo Rueda knows his CoC rpg system & uses it to full on advantage within the 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'. But be forwarned that 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' could well be a deadly adventure. There are powers within the walls of the Eighty Three hotel that will bump off adventurers or investigators who play this adventure for stupid. This is a full on investigation module for CoC with all of the traps, pitfalls, & sanity blasting adventure hooks that go with that. Even though this is a beginning adventure for CoC 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'  doesn't take prisoners. 
There is horror within  these walls & for beginning adventure 
'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'  takes it horror in stride & plays quite dangerously. How does 
'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'  rate? Well the adventure has a solid cast of NPC's., there is ton of background on  The Westmore Hotel itself & some opportunity for play in a modern adventure for CoC. The horror here is one of opportunity & the mythos isn't quite what a beginning crew of Call of Cthlhu rpg players are going to expect. But this is a good thing as 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' changes adventure events up a bit. I can honestly see running 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' with the Delta Green rpg setting easily. The players would not be expecting the mystery surrounding the Westmore hotel. And the 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' may actually make an excellent middle tier scenario for a beginning CoC group of players. Would I actually run 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'? Honestly?! Yes I really would 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel'  has the potential to really take the PC's & throw them into the deep end of the Mythos & that's a good thing in my book for a Call of Cthulhu rpg adventure! For a three dollar adventure for Call of Cthulhu I was pleasantly surprised at how well written & conceived 'The Horror At The Westmore Hotel' is. 

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