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Using 'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015)' by Jobe Bittman With Troll Lord Games Starship Warden rpg

"This is the only home you've ever known. They call it the Silver Waste-a desert sea of silvery dunes blasted by endless sandstorms during the day and freezing temperatures at night. For generations, your tribe has clung to life in a concrete building subsisting on the trickle of edible goo spewing from a broken replicator. You and the other hunters vie against rival mutant tribes and hungry scorplions in the scant hours between storms searching for fresh game and wondrous devices from a bygone age of technology. Is this all there is to life? No one that treks more than a couple miles from home ever returns. Everyone says they are dead, but that can't be true. Not all of them. What if there is a way through the giant impassable wall to the south? What if there is an easier way of life beyond the dunes? You've hoarded water and rations for weeks waiting for the right moment to set your plan into motion..."

My job often requires quite a bit of reading, research, & roping in many different resources. Often times my roleplaying requires the same. Same thing with the Starship Warden rpg & its attendant supplements. I like so many others had missed the Kickstarter.  But grabbed the Starship Warden rpg book as soon as it came out. But I could have sworn that there was an adventure that ages ago I saw for the original Metamorphis Alpha first edition where a lone band of adventurers finds a ziggurat in the silver deserts of the Warden. Turns out that it's a part of the Goodman Games run of the Metamorphis Alpha rpg by James Ward. This is a part of the MA Rpg Bundle of Holding that's got five days to go

Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015) by Jobe Bittman  be adapted for the the Starship Warden rpg?! Short answer? Yes 
 As a starting adventure its very interesting & clocks in at only sixteen pages. The village is a pretty in depth village location as a start point for an adventure considering that this is a Goodman Game product. Yes this is a rather deadly little adventure but it hits the high points for MA. 
The artwork is very typical of 2015 Goodman games but hits the high marks for MA. The stats should be easy enough to convert to Starship Warden stats easily enough. And the adventure doesn't overstay its welcome. 
For new PC's in the Starship Warden this a good introductory adventure. There's a bit of growth potential if the DM want's to spend a bit of time adapting some of the stats to Starship Warden rules. 
Is this an overly impressive adventure?! Yes & no, yes its a solid adventure but if your trying to run the Starship Warden or MA as a 'Castles & Crusades' switch up or Dungeon Crawl Classics switch up then Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015) by Jobe Bittman isn't going to work. 

But using 'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015)' by Jobe Bittman as an intro for The Starship Warden where the PC's are a part of the community of 'Supershop Mart' cut off from the rest of the Warden?! This just might work as a real kick ass intro. The monsters are deadly & the locations dangerous. But from the perspective of a starting player this 'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015)' by Jobe Bittman  this one might hit all of the high points. 
So why does 
'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015)' by Jobe Bittman  hit the high marks in my humble opinion?! There are several reasons: 
  1. Kick ass introductory adventure, 'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G  doesn't hold the new DM's hand. You as the DM are expected to know what your doing. 
  2. This adventure throws the PC's into the deep end of the Warden. 
  3. The adventure has the Goodman Games weirdness factor to it. 
  4. There's enough of the original MA feel here to work into your own version of the Warden or other starship 
  5. scorplions
Got to say that I really enjoyed reading 
'Death Ziggurat in Zero-G (2015)' by Jobe Bittman and its a stand out adventure in my humble opinion. Will I be using it?! 
Hard to say really. I'd have to reveal the secret of the players PC's being trapped on the Warden or do I?! 

The Metamorphis Alpha rpg Bundle of Holding  Is Available Right Over Here 

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