Tuesday, September 21, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Colony Builder Supplement For The Hostile Setting From Zozer Games & Your 2d6 Science Fiction Games

Build a colony within the HOSTILE setting. Build a colony from your favourite SF movie or TV show. Make it pay. Keep your costs low. And then test in the market. How will it fare with a key group of characters at the helm? Make decisions for them as they try to fix the colony's inevitable problems, chart the fate of your creation into glory or ignominy. And then watch the corporation come in to take your profits!  "

Paul Elliot of Zozer Games made sure that I had a review  copy of Colony Builder the new latest supplement in Zozer Games continuing line of Hostile products. This one is a beast clocking in at a hundred & nine pages. And Colony Builder fills the place of providing  2d6 rules & guidelines for creating & farming a whole host of adventure settings for your 2d6 Science Fiction terror filled adventures. Colony Builder fills a very specific range of adventure design but does so with gusto. This is a supplement that does its job in ways that are creative & very unexpected ways. Colony Builder can take a colony from its beginnigs, through its maturity, & into its eventual fully functionality. And Colony Builder does this with Zozer Games usual gusto. We finally see more behind the curtain then ever before as we see the true extent of the corporate masters of Hostile. 
Colony Builders presents a full set of 2d6 guidelines to take the DM from inception to full on exacution for an interstellar colony. For Hostile,Colony Builder gives the DM so many options but does so with common sense guide lines. We get factions, complications, weird events, & even more Hostile elements. 

Colony Builder could be used with other 2d6 Cepheus Engine rpg products as well. But primarily Colony Builder is perfect for Hostile's interstellar frontier. The feel here is the almost interstellar wilderness of the edge of the map of the Hostile univese. And its this edge that makes the fact that Colony Builder slots its material right into Explorers. And it was Explorers that Colony Builder has reflections of. 

Explorers  are the trail blazers & they are followed by the Roughnecks the real hard asses of the Hostile universe. Colony Builder allows one to take the material in Roughnecks or Explorers & expand upon it in spades. Those spades are the interstellar 'wilderness' of  Hostile setting. A wilderness full of rare 'bears, lions, and God knows whatelse. Oh my! 

Colony Builder is well laid out & has the same quality of Zozer Games Hostile product line. The Colony Builder book follows the Hostile setting very well. Colony Builder is a solid book & supplement for the whole Cepheus Engine rpg. Because it present not only a great  Hostile rpg setting book but also a great book for creating colony adventure locations for Cepheus Engine games. Colony Builder is a quality book & is a great book to add the DM's toolbox for 2d6 Science Fiction games & Hostile rpg. 

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