Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Tainted Lands & The Vampire Queens of Europe Campaign Set Up Using Old School Resources

 So its been a long while since we've cracked the spines of classic Castles & Crusades & old school supplements with Halloween rolling around the corner. I've been looking into possibly running a Bruce Campbell Vs The Army of Darkness meets Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust hence my grabbing James Ward's Tainted Lands last night. 

The mists of the Tainted Lands have coming rolling across Middle Ages Europe ages ago. 
A mondernish Europe controlled by vampire royalty now rule most of the world. Possibly set during the  Franco Prussian War Steampunk campaign setting that we used ages ago. 
Europe during the Age of the Vampire queens. This might be the perfect venue for trotting out the 
1976 by Wee Warriors, Palace of the Vampire Queen. The 
Palace of the Vampire Queen reprint by Precis Intermedia is sitting on my hard drive as I write this. 

Ravening hordes of undead control parts of Europe from the Tainted Lands. The species of vampires & undead are the royals of Europe literally the 'old blood'.  Many variations of these vampires might be similar to 'Vampires of the Olden Lands' by James Mishler games. 

A European war has been coming  under the vampire queens has been because the French queens are trying to re establish their dominance over the world Empire. This is a dangerous world & now the campaign  notes are being sorted. Where & when the Tainted Lands began its ascendance still has to be worked out. The human resistance has been pushing back for the last two hundred years or so. 

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