Monday, October 30, 2023

Review & Commentary On Castles & Crusades S1 Heart of Glass By Stephen Chenault with Todd Gray For The Castles & Crusades Rpg or Your Old School Campaign

 "The Paladin sighed, looking to the ground. “I would not bring this upon you . . . . If I could, I would suffer your damnation!” He shook his head, “But . . . there is nothing else that we may do.”

"Malcom of Helliwell turned away. “You’re a bastard. But of course you know this.” He looked to his hands. Wrinkles and bones, they no longer bore the strength to wield a blade or heft a shield. How had this come to pass, he mused, his youth stolen in so few years? In days he aged months, in month’s years. There was no doubt eldritch magic involved, somehow involved with the wars. He stood upon the brink of death, and he knew it."


"And now they needed him. They needed his life prolonged for some spell or some such. Somehow he was the key.

“How long do I have, mage?”

The old wizard shook his head. His voice was cool and calm, “A day, two at the most. You either take Sagramore’s way or we bury you and the power you carry.”

Castles & Crusades Castles & Crusades S1 Heart of Glass By Stephen Chenault is a sixty eight page low 3-5 PC level adventure that brings the PC's into the dark underbelly of 
  the back alleys and abandoned neighborhoods of the Sea Towns of Ihlsa.
And this is an excellent adventure for introducing the Thieves guilds & criminal underbelly of the Sea Towns. Pirates,cutthroats, and other encounters with the underworld abound. Heart of Glass is part guide book and adventure centered around these areas. Encounters are well written but not balanced in the party of adventurers favor in anyway. The PC are going to have to have thier wits about them. Make no mistake for C&C this is a solid adventure to add underworld and scummy elements of the criminal to your campaigns. The writing here is solid, the layout good, and the fonts easily readable. 
And according to Heart of Glass's description; "
The adventure takes place in the Sea Towns of Ihlsa:  Ra-veen, Nochiand Capayrnha. Portions of each town are detailed, including economy, government, persons of note, guilds, and places of interest. The adventure, the events surrounding the magical Heart of Glass, provides a backdrop to the towns, and serves to introduce both the CK and Players to what should develop" I'm happy to report that this is the case & Heart of Glass gives plenty of details on the Sea Towns which could become your adventurers base of operations for a while. S1 has it's deadly bits and it could be quite easy for a party to lose one or more members. 

S1 provides plenty of opportunities for the adventurers to get in way over thier heads. Heart of Glass has a bit of everything from urban encounters to a bit of dungeon crawling. S1 is a solid adventure to bring in both experienced and new players of Castles & Crusades. I recommend S1 as a solid introduction to the Castles & Crusades rpg. 

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