Sunday, October 1, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On Using Quick Ship File: Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships By Moon Toad Publishing For Cepheus Engine Rpg & 2d6 Traveller rpg

 "The Roanoake Class Merchant is a low cost, general purpose, 400 dton commercial merchant vessel, that is a cost effective, short range, cargo ship suitable for mixed passengers and freight. It is suitable for operating in a slightly higher threat environment than normal vessels of this class as it is equipped with 4 turrets, as standard."

Quick Ship File: Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships By Moon Toad Publishing  is the latest ship to cross into my cart. And there is a reason for this.Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships are a well put together little merchant ship by Ian Stead & Tom Price. And they seem like forty six pages of well put together starship for your average adventuring party. The ship is well laid out, the font is easy to read, the layout is well done and even the plans are well exacuted. This is a small, very quick, & realatively inexpensive merchant ship. Or is it?! For our Hostile/Outland Authority game the Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships becomes something quite different. These ships are manufactured by Tharis Heavy Industries and represent a leap forward by decades in starship design. The Roanoak takes the role of fairying about exacutives and high end security personel or assets. 
This leads to the Roanoak's configurations enabling Tharsis Heavy Industries to have a definitive edge against the competition which is multiple in our campaign. 

Shawn Fisher did this A.I. artwork on the Tharsis sign artwork from the Hostile Facebook group here. 

.Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships are perfect for the role of exacutive courier ship and special operations. The configuration is right for a richman's toy ship and with the advantage they give Tharis Heavy Industries it's an interesting option for use with such a campaign where the corporate competition has heated up. The .Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships are very well done! 

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