Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Mayhem & Terror By Death Battalion - Marvel Super Heroes Rpg The Golden Age Campaign - Session Report Four


The PC's had a ton of paperwork to take care of with thier time with  FBI agent Clemants. This session picks up right where the last one here left off.  The PC's were on the track of the Death Battalion and our psychic Claire Voyant ( Claire is a clone  created by Mr.Sinister.) Came face to face with the Black Clown & she only got a few seconds of insight before a noose was around her neck. 

The Black Clown twisted into a low vent near the appartment of Claire. The Clown is actually a lot more competent then his DC Heroes profile indicates. This is because is because a Gestapo agent has taken over Black Clown identity. And the second the PC's saw him there were seven throwing daggers flying thier way. 
And next was a grenade to cover the Clown's tracks. The Black Clown covered his tracks with razor blade sharp caltrops. And so after telling the police about the caltrops. 
The PC's came face to face with ten goons belonging to the Laughing Skull. These are actually Nazi soldiers disguised as normal citizens. Claire Voyant had a score to settle with the Black Clown but got dragged into the melee with the Laughing Skull's goons. This allowed the Black Clown to escape. 
While the heroes were distracted 'The Ghost' Jans Greller SS soldier/agent with the fear power  was able to get near the New York City mayor's special council on international trade. Our version of the Black Bat was ready for him because he was disguised as Mr.Collins the special council. Being blind made our Black Bat immune to 'The Ghost's' powers. The Ghost was trounced and arrested. 


We tracked the Clown to a local warehouse which was rigged with explosives and chemicals again the work of the Black Clown. The Clown was becoming a rather nasty customer when our Monster got hit with the 'mummy ray' of the Thorn. We didn't know whose behind the identity but this version of the Death Battlion plays for keeps. We retreated to deal with 'the Monster' down. 
A couple of details we've noticed about DM Steve's game. The Death Battlion has been run like a terrorist cell then a group of super villains. We found three or four corpses which we left for the cops. We've got to back track these victims to see if there's a pattern ( there is ) and then go from there! 

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