Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Dragon Issue#258 - The Machine Realm - Campaign Update


So we've had about a week off from the Cities Without Numbers rpg Tegel Manor game. Really what this has done has enabled me to take a deeper look into our Cities Without Number campaign itself. And this led me down the path of Dragon Issue #258 from 1999. Picture it if you will Wizards of the Coast is on the horizon and Alternity is the new Science Fiction rpg on the blog. Bruce Cordell's Mage Vs Machine article was the hot button article. 

Imagine if you will that besides the undead and ectoplasm activities of a dimensional hopping Tegel Manor. Valley of Tegel Manor brushes against the powerful machine cyst nests of the Machine Realm. 
'The Machine Realm's technology from Dragon issue #258 is worth a small fortune to the right mage's guild or cybernetic corporation. Dragon #258 is from before Wizards of Coast took over the brand into the 3.5 era. So everything within the article with the striking Todd Lockwood cover is second edition Dungeons & Dragons easily covertable into Cities Without Number. 
'The Machine Realm' hasn't really appeared anywhere else in D&D terms. To us it's a realm of Law magic works there slightly. Delving too deeply into the 'Machine Realm' might be sure suicide for a party of operators. 

Kirillian cybernetic eyes & lens mean that even though the party has made it through the front door of Tegel Manor the ghostly  fun is just getting started! The PC's have  three White Feather hirelings that they've freed from the last version of Thundarr The Barbarian/Gamma Terra that they visited. 

'The Machine Realm' may be a bit too much to handle! But we'll see how they fair against it's machinations! 

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