Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Complications & Crime - - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Earth Session Report 8

 Hostile's Earth is whole different universe to the September Group & they've been keeping a low profile at the moment. They've gotten work busting android terrorist cells at the moment but the party is having to think on thier feet. They're sitting on thier hands with the cargo that they've liberated. The party has the  cargo of the precious endopalladium on board. They've parted with half of it and have stowed the rest for a rainy day. 

Mother Russia has undergone a serious enviromental  & economic disaster on this Earth. This is not sitting well with the crew. 
The party meanwhile has reclaimed thier old headquarters outside of Huston and taken up with bustig heads of the local bandits who have andies working to control several local cells. The September Group's 'return' to Huston has not gone unnoticed as the Tharis Heavy Industry corporate exacutive who double crossed the other September Earth is totally confused. Meanwhile the leader of the Mutant Underground has contacted the September Group about stolen medical supplies. This was part of a link that has to do with this blog entry here. 
Meanwhile one of the slip tank & battle car drivers that the other group 'Eve 3' contacted the September group about a military job she had line up. It was taking out weapon runners South of the border down near the tip of South America. 

Eve 3 has a contract with Stern Weapons for the recovery of 445 cases of automatic and small fire munitions that's been stolen from the company. A fast in and out job with little fuss except for a great deal of collaterial damage. The party's two psionists made details about the mission much more friendly to the locals keeping damage to a mininuim. The party found one of the other September group's members hold up in a local safe house during the mission. This incarnation of the September group blew the Hell out of the Neo Narco clan that was holding her. We bounced with Nikita Crusca weapons expert back to New Huston. And she's in medical being looked after by our Cyberdoc and will be down for a month or two with recovery. 
The party came back to the fact that the Chinese mafia wants a word with us over the matter of a failed promise. And apparently some missing proles. And there's that little matter of the fact that the September group is supposed to be dead on Tau Ceti thanks to that weasel of a double crossing Tharis exacutive. 

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