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Legacy Of Titans~ The Atlans

Atlan princess reclining in the evening air on  Altar  9 
The wooing of an Atlan maiden  on one of the outer worlds 
The holy symbol of the Altans containing their secret of immortality 
The royal Atlans are able to use a type of mass hypnosis  unless a save vs is rolled. These beings are able to influence many lesser races with suggestions & subtle telepathic pushes. 
The Atlan colonies always included members of the royal caste which made decisions  & were  in charge of  both  domestic & military affairs. 
Masters of various extraterrestrial genetically engineered  variforms, many young Atlans have to venture out to slay rogue variform  monsters  as a rite of passage 
The variform dragon is the result of over 4 million years of evolution. In constant  telepathic rapture with its handler . The Variform dragon is at once companion & partner to its rider. 
As the years have rolled on the Atlans have grown apathetic to the ways of humans  & many have come to see them as  worrisome pests to be dealt with. 
This symbol is used through the Atlan structures scattered across the universe.This one was found in The Vaults of Europa  among some of the oldest ruins in the known universe.  
Out on the outer edges of the universe the ruins of the Atlan empire still sits. They're super science, clone banks & colonies still sit as they have for billions of years. From I Remember Lemuria ~The Atlans, Mr. Shaver reveals, were ever youthful, and never ceased growing. There was no such thing as "maturity" in the sense that growth stopped. Thus, an Atlan's age could be determined to a certain extent by his size. Many of them reached tremendous stature, sometimes as much as 300 feet, and heights of 40 feet and more were rather common. Mr. Shaver refers to "ancient" books which have been destroyed, which contained a great deal of Atlan knowledge and history, but points to references in the Bible such as "In those days there were giants in the Earth" as p. 28 actual truth, recorded memory of the Titans. Especially significant is the definite statement "in the Earth" and not on it! The Atlans, by the use of their wonderful machines. kept their bodies constantly supplied with a sufficient amount of exd (the energy ash from which all matter is formed by condensation] so that their growth never stopped, but their bodies grew ever larger and heavier. Health itself was determined by weight; a healthy person was heavy. If he became ill, he lost weight. Illness is the inability of the body to fully utilize the available exd, or is the result of an insufficient quantity of exd.—Ed.
They are the gods of legend, the favored ones, the genetic creations of the gods & they've been on the decline for 4 billion years. They still exist on the fringes of the universe & though they have the shape of men they are as alien to men as men are to insects. The Atlans are the last remains of the Titans & they're technology is off of the scale.The titans were a type four Kardashev civilization but the atlans are a mere type three. 
The Atalans seem perfect but perfection is relative. Some are evil & tyrants of the first order. They will do anything in order to survive. Their system spanning empires are places of order & might.  The majority of them seem to be good, and hence, those are the ones which will be described here. In appearance, a good titan resembles an enormous (25 feet tall) humanoid, with perfect beauty and strength. They are hardy and muscular, but nonetheless extremely handsome/beautiful. Every aspect of them (teeth, hair, etc.) is also perfect.
 They face a nameless enemy of whom they won't speak. Many of today's scientists feel that the Atlans for all of their advanced technology were deliberately planned or designed as a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete or nonfunctional after a certain period.
 Despite looking human, Atlans are much more long-lived (but were not originally fully immortal) and that kept them from having much contact with their human cousins.Atlans have a low birth rate; they can interbreed with humans but the result is always a normal human 
 There are other forgotten races along with the Atlans & Titans ~ Our great race, the Atlans, together with the Titans, our allies and often our fellow citizens, swarm through all known space and watch ever for the birth of new suns. Then, too, there are the Nortans; but the Nor-men shun all suns and can only be found where the sun rays shine not.
"When our Atlan sciencons hear of or see a new sun born, our ships flash swiftly through the void, to test the rays for poisonous emanations. When they find clean heat from a surface shell of pure carbon, fast upon their trail come the first great colonization ships. For our race is fecund beyond imagination and there is little death from any cause."
Obviously this is nothing from the "racial" memory of Mutan Mion, but seemingly something from an Atlan himself! Here and there, through Mr. Shaver's correspondence with the editors, such departures from the identity of Mutan Mion occur, and we can only suggest that Mr. Shaver's racial memory contacts extend not only to the culture man, but to other beings as well. Mr. Shaver himself cannot explain, and in many instances, is unaware, that such extensions exist.
The reader will here, again, note several inexplicable references. such as "poisonous emanations" and "a surface shell of pure carbon." Later in the story Mutan Mion tells of these things in great detail, and in them gives still another of the amazing scientific theories that stagger the imagination.—Ed.
Atlans may be of any of the standard character classes found in Human Space Empires. The Atlans live in dire fear of an enemy they shall not name. 
Artifacts Of  The Atlans 

Atlan Planar Stealth Destroyer Specifications

Displacement: 20000 tons
Contra-Gravitic Drive: Three-Light
Interfogulator: Mk 22
Computer: Althan Devine series 
Ansible: Mk 8
Armaments:  9 Z-ray turrets,  7 rocket launchers (Sub-atomic)
Officers: 10 (Captain,2 Pilot, 3 Navigators, Science Officer, Medical Officer, Engineer)
Crew: 10 + 4 robots, 4 variform androids 
Marines: 3 officers, variform dragon cyber warbots
Vimanas Colony Ship 

Displacement: 40000 tons
Contra-Gravitic Drive: Space Folder Drive System
Interfogulator: Mk 22
Computer: Positronic Brain: Atlan Devine series 
Ansible: Mk 22
Armaments:  9 Z-ray turrets, 12 rocket launchers ( Sub-atomic)
Officers: 9 (Captain,2 Pilot, 3Navigator, Science Officer, Medical Officer, Engineer)
Crew: 400 Altlans sleeper + 4 robots attendants, 40 variform androids 
Marines: 2 officers, 6 variform cyber warbots
Vehicles: 6 Atlan Fighters 
Many societies across the universe remember the Vimanas of the Atlans . This  craving   shows the battle between the  Atlans & certain trans planar beings on Hnalla II 

Atlan Watchtower built 6 billion years ago. The tower  sends a planar  signal to  the Atlans for  mass colonization. The structure was only recently activated   
A vessel used in the creation of variforms in the Atlan clone banks

Mysterium Cosmographicum Artificial Intelligence Structure

 This Artificial Intelligence structure uses  the five Pythagorean regular polyhedra which dictate the structure of the universe and reflect the gods plan through geometry. By tapping into this force the Atlans are able to mimic life on a planar level. These "life" forces of the universe act as computers about each & every Atlan star ship.  


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