Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish

The sacred alter of Dlamelish greets patrons of the luxury halls of the planet. Seen in every gambling hall, hotel, & tourist spot.
Look for this sign on your next interstellar world. The handy  mini con  A.I . can direct you to  the nearest
 Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish
Our gambling halls are open 25 hours a day for your patronage & comfort! 
Remember that literature for the way of Dlamelish is available  24 hour   at one of our  salvation  centers.  Be sure  to ask about our group rate discounts! 
Be sure to pay back all loans when done using our tables. Our  collection agency is second to none ! 
The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish not just a get away but a way of life! 

The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelishare not simply gambling establishments or brothels for spacers but rather an experience of a lifetime where the cares of the hard life of a spacer are washed away. Sin & vice of all descriptions are available to the descriminating patron. Here within these hallowed halls one may find his or herself within the arms of a temple virgin of their choosing. 
Dine in one of our luxury temple halls or relax in one of our spas offering 32 unspeakably sinful treatments. With meals starting at only 10 credits is it any wonder why the Emerald Halls are one of the most popular chains in the universe. 
We offer one of the widest arrays of  luxury services in the universe for a small temple donation. We offer currency & money exchange for 25% of the known universe*  . Our gambling halls are unmatched & our tables are open 25 hours a day with loan facilities available. 
The Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish offers 42 varieties of pleasure bot available to most known races well versed in both ancient & post modern practices. 
We also offer loans at guaranteed fixed rates & healthy terms to pay back the loan when you want to! 
Other services we offer :
  • Standard Health Care Services using the latest in Super Science for only 20% of the market value starting at 10 credits & up in our exclusive facilities 
  • Job opportunities on the galaxy's most populous worlds. Imagine the opportunities for travel, etc. 
  • We provide high standards for all our entertainments & your comfort is our highest concern 
The High Rollers Services 
  • Planar Mind Experience - Experience what its like to be someone else. The latest in mind sciences allows one to have the ultimate experience.Put your mind in our hands & let us give you the ultimate in pleasure* 
  • Higher Stakes Of The Gods ~ Imagine gambling along side SarKu or Vimuhla themselves can you out maneuverer the gods themselves & win the day? The action is fast & furious here at this table* 
  • The Parlour of The Mind~ Here you generate the ultimate in pleasure & experience. Simply hook up the electro helmet & let your mind shape its own domain.Stay as long as you want from a few moments to months (The individual mind is the whole of reality and the external world has no independent existence)
  • The Virtual Pleasure Pits- Imagine creating the ultimate lover or companion now you can! Using the technology taken from the Clone masters themselves let us take you into the Grand Game. Here you can have your fantasies become reality but wait. Once you find your ultimate love we can take him or her out of the game into reality. By moving an inhabitant of the virtual reality out of its simulation is to "clone" the entity, by taking a sample of its virtual DNA and create a real-world counterpart from that model. The result would not only bring the "mind" of the entity out of its simulation, but its body would be born in the real world as well! 
    * Remember that management takes 2% of all sales, currency exchanges, & services. Management of the 
    Emerald Green Halls of Dlamelish is not responsible for cyber sexual diseases, psychotic clones, mind crimes or any other unusual problems resulting from staying in our establishments. Rumors of  android orgies, etc are products of a diseased mind please refer to section 36 of the human space empire rule book. 
    These are some of the services available to high rollers be sure to book your vacation destination today! 

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