Monday, May 23, 2011

Möbius Band Drive System

Developed in CA. 24000 during the Great War, the Möbius Band Drive System uses a system of sub magnetic Klein bottles filled with tachyon particles to shunt ships through sub planar space into the Outer Darkness. The process is expensive, cost prohibitive in both energy & mass, & much of the bodily integrity of the ship is lost in transit.
That is until recently with the advantages lent to the physical sciences by the Pe' Cho'i. The new magnetic resister units allow a ship's A.I to move a ship with very little physical degradation.

The generators of a ship use a tetrahedron hyperdimensional gate system to punch through & lace a ship from one part of space into another without the use of a navigator or psychic! This break through however has made certain groups within Hnalla II's Departments of Science & Religion very  nervous. They say that this verges on the domain of the "Gods". 
The system is powered by miniature stars connected by worm holes suspended within fragmented Klein Bottles of higher dimensional none-space that exists on the sub-atomic level. The entire arrangement is held within tightly packed force fields so that the time travelling aspects of the drive systems don't get out of control. There have been no accidents so far. Scientists remain concerned about the possibilities of travelers from alternative universes taking advantage of the so called window of dimensional openings during operation. 
Möbius Band Drive System Star Ship Encounter Chart 1d10 

  1. Travelers from an alternative universe 
  2. Alternative versions of yourselves 
  3. Tachyon Eater monsters roll 1d6 to determine size 
  4. An unknown star system your lost 
  5. Success you've arrived at your destination 
  6. An artifact, space station,  or star ship from another universe roll 1d3 
  7. Hostile alien ship with guns blazing 
  8. The Hounds of Tindalos 
  9. Success you've reached your destination! roll 1d6 you've reached an alternative universe only the changes are so small that you don't realize it
  10. You've journeyed back to the beginning of the universe what's that little explosion that's getting bigger 

Möbius Band Drive System Accident Table  Roll 1d10 

  1. Cause the Atlantis disaster 
  2. You & your crew become sliced into perfect duplicates of yourselves that you have 24 hours to kill or you'll explode
  3. You & your crew become involved in a random historical event in the time line of Human Space Empires Roll 1d30 add in 1d6 see rule book for results 
  4. You become part of the Great Crunch at the beginning of time 
  5. Your flesh is reversed so the organs are on the outside yet your not dead. Lose -2 points off of Con & Chr 
  6. Nothing is wrong except your ship becomes The Flying Dutchmen of Time & Space 
  7. You are in orbit  around a strange planet called Earth flying some place over Roswell New Mexico in 1945 
  8. You arrive at your destination except the drive is burnt out & you need to replace 1d4 parts 
  9. The Hounds of Tindalos want a word... Right now! 
  10. Reroll please 

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