Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Corsairs Of Vimuhla

Symbolic founding of the Corsairs of  Vimuhla
Corsairs of Vamhula costumes 
Ancient Earth symbol often seen on the side of captured space craft 
Traditional garb of the Corsairs note the power mace for stunning crew men & taking prisoners alive  
Paying tribute to the anti pasha  on Hnalla II 
  1. You can see what your sensors are telling you. The screens are depowering 
  2. Their's some vague star ship coming into view 
  3. The wavium cannons are firing across your bow 
  4. You're being asked to be boarded & taken into slavery 
They come from across the space ways & they are on a holy crusade to change the lives of others. Their one goal is to take you as a slave & sold in the under slave markets of  Hnalla II. They are on a holy mission from their goddess to bring change to each person's life. When you are captured by a band of these you hooked up to a strange life essence draining drive system. Six persons to each "oar" of this strange system. Slow drop by drop you become part of their ships. There computer systems leech all your knowledge as well . Each ship's computer is a bank of the captured & damned soul's knowledge that is used against the next target.
 The anti pasha, ruler of the corsairs, received one-seventh of the seized treasure and slaves.  The corsair captains and their associates received the remaining slaves and cargo, while the soldiers, who boarded and captured the prey, divided the silver.
 They destroy that which they can not take & sell. They're favored weapon is the Plasma Maghreb nimcha.
A nasty weapon of short length with a wide blade for opening up their victims. This weapon was fast & deadly. 
Plasma Maghreb nimcha. Damage 2d6 3 lbs 
They use a power crossbow for boarding actions. This weapon fires a quick energy burst that disappears very quickly & leaves the delicate star ship electronics alone.
Range 60' Damage 2d6 Weight 7lbs with power pack 300 credits 
The corsairs of Vimuhla make use of a wide variety of captured space craft & raid deeper & deeper into Empire area. The fleet has been ordered many times to blow them from the sky when seen. Yet they continue to plague those areas where can operate with impunity. 
Note that there are many smaller subsects within the Corsairs of  Vimuhla  count some astronauts among their ranks who  perform a variety of  "miracles" with psy powers & space yoga  
The current tactical leader of the Cosairs of  Vimuhla 


  1. Excellent treatment for Humanspace pirates...definitely be yanking these and the tardigrades...

  2. Thank you sir! Yank to your heart's content!


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