Friday, May 27, 2011

Post Human Space Empire Game Report

Bob -Nlyss 1st Level Astronaut
Russ  -Pe Choi 1st level Warrior
Forrest -Nlyss1st Level Astronaut

 I started the guys last night on the pirate world of Staristan 8 & let them go shopping for equipment. The world is a combination of  Interzone & The Arabian Nights on acid with Star Wars mix in. The population of the world is having fits because a strange "comet" has entered the system & psychics have started to have very bad dreams. There are dooms day cults forming, the pirate families are having fits,etc. Most of the players are starting out with 1st level characters & they've got a ship. Lets see they insulted a member of the Spocery Guild who now becomes a douche bag  Npc & were approached by a representative of the pirate families. One of the players ran into a small Shen courier who was actually a small time crime lord & conned him into being his body guard. After being led through a series of back alleys they end up at an interstellar chop shop & the small Shen's hanger of illegal pirate fighters. They're mostly broken & so the player fixed 4 of them in exchange for an "eye".
The player acquired one of the fighters for an orbital past around the "comet" & samples of the gas & such. 
 Meanwhile the other two players ended up in a pharmacy where they were offered the meat of the intergalactic centipede! After securing a med kit they made their way to the Grand Bazaar.

Here they came across an old robot in at Spacer Equipment Stall. This old model had lots of experience & took them for quite the ride with lots of different rumors,tall tales, & whatnot all of the while doling out equipment. They were bleeding money pretty quick here & decided to leave with their robes intact.
Outside they learned they were being followed by a rather unsavory group of pirates! This is were we ended for this week.
~The 10 Major Criticisms According To My Players About Human Space Empires~
1.Character generation is too random & an alternative method of generating a character might need to be presented
2. Combat is quick & deadly
3. Error in the presentation of the lightning rifle range is screwed up between description & weapon chart
4. More equipment & descriptions of said equipment
5. Space Ax -Clarify if its one  or two handed weapon
6. More items need to be listed for the "Primitive Weapons"
7. "Advanced Weapons" need to be listed & defined
8. Also "Advanced Armor" as well needs to be defined
9. A handy chart for equipment
10. Page Numbers & index

Two other little notes:
One I'm stealing some ideas from here Good ideas for running a space game!
Two Mystery Men Is Out! For the last  9 months I've been following this project to completion! Its a free Super Hero game built for fast play,old school systems, & its well designed. Its also happens to be free!
Mystery Men PDF! 
 The Buck Shot Wild West  Rpg is also out Here


  1. Thanks for the playtest report. I hope everyone had a good time. I'm really happy that people are playing the game. About the list of criticisms:

    1. I like the random chargen but clearly many do not and there will be an alternative system included in the final book or maybe as a seperate document that will allow for more player control over who or what they end up running.
    2. Combat has been working pretty well in the playtests that I've been running so far. It is intended to be quick and deadly but within reason. Did any players die? Did you need to adjust rolls to not kill someone?
    3. The lightning rifle range should be 90'.
    4. I agree and there will be more equipment in the final.
    5. Space ax should be 2-handed.
    6. As Humanspace is so compatible with Labyrinth Lord and similar games primitive weapons can be easily imported. I will include these in the final version though. I intentionally left slug throwers out though...
    7. The " Advanced Tech Level" was a late addition to the rules and will be more fleshed out with different equipment, etc. in the final.
    8.see above
    9. That would be handy and will likely be included in the final.
    10. The final book will have these.

    Thanks again for playing, coming uo with such cool stuff and reporting!

  2. No thanks for coming up with such a cool game. We'll be getting together this coming Thursday for more Human Space Empires!


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