Saturday, May 28, 2011

Artifacts of the Derro -The Eye of Y'othallokr, The Celestial Sphere

One of the most baffling artifacts to come from one of the Derro raids into Human Space has been the so called  Eye of Y'othallokr, The Celestial Sphere. This seems to be an exact replica of the multi-verse from the Derro perspective. As such it is one of the more twisted of their devices. The Celestial Sphere allows one to move from one point in space across the multi verse into a any other point that exists in planar vibrational orbit. A skill roll is needed. A failure indicates the owner being lost in the Outer Darkness for 2d6 rounds.These spheres have the following properties usable three times per day: 
  1. Each has a soul imprint from the Derro who possessed it before the current owner. With a skill roll a user may access this diseased mind & rip knowledge from it. 
  2. A blast of planar energy may used 3 times per day at 1d8 points of damage 
  3. Planar ghost - The user may pass through solid objects as they don't exist for him. If used more then three times per day the user must make a save or be trapped within a planar limbo
  4. Heal Thy Wound - Damage may be healed. 1d4 points of damage may be healed. The tissue may have a slightly unhealthy look to it however. Super science may fix this cosmetic issue. 
  5. Telepathic rapport -The user has instant telepathic communication with any other sphere owner. If a save is made the user may know of any Derro within a 50 mile radius 
  6. Planar Shadow -The user may step sideways into the near planar shadows. The user can't inter act with the nearby universe but may hear, smell, as if they were there. Any combat will cancel this effect 
  7. Know The God Mind -The user is able to tap into the Derro Godmind. The player is allowed to ask the DM a question. The twisted mind of the Derro however may lie if it wishes. After 2 rounds the contact with this horrible entity may be too much & a save vs death may have to be made as the entity over whelms the fragile humanoid mind. The person goes into a coma for 1d6 rounds. 
The Derro will track down anyone possessing one of these Spheres if they become aware of the owner. It may take 1d6 months for them to become aware of someone after the sphere is used for 1d4 months. 


  1. Surely there's one of these that flies a round and sprouts spikes an a corkscrew a la Phantasm?

  2. Yeah I'm a Phan of The Phantasm movies but I've used the Tall Man's Creations far too many times for my players to be happy with me! If I use that trick to kill another character they'll lynch me! Hmm maybe a different sort of sphere!


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