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The Seas Of Hyperspace!

The infinite doors of perception are able to piece together the various destinations & planar doorways that hyperspace shows us. BEWARE THE MONSTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE MAP

The Tau Endri system hyper space stations

If a starship passes too close to a large gravitational field while in hyperspace, the ship is forcibly pulled out of hyperspace and reverts to normal space.

The swirling maelstrom of hyperspace makes charting & calculating this realm troublesome at best. Only the older vacuum tube technology allows for the most orderly of equations to fully navigate through the dark red wine of this ever changing sea. Many technological secrets were lost in the Atom wars that occurred during old earth
Hyperspace as a dangerous place, and others require a ship to follow set hyperspatial "Oceans". Hyperspace is often described as being an unnavigable dimension where straying from a preset course can be disastrous.
some science fiction, the danger of hyperspace travel is due to the chance that the route through hyperspace may take a ship too close to a celestial body with a large gravitational field, such as a star. In such scenarios, if a starship passes too close to a large gravitational field while in hyperspace, the ship is forcibly pulled out of hyperspace and reverts to normal space. Therefore, certain hyperspace "routes" may be mapped out that are safe, not passing too close to stars or other dangers. Starships in hyperspace are sometimes depicted isolated from the normal universe; they cannot communicate with nor perceive things in real space until they emerge. Often there can be no interaction between two ships even when both are in hyperspace. This effect can be because they are invisible to each other while in hyperspace, ships will encounter each other most often around contested planets or space stations. Hyperdrive may also allow for dramatic escapes as the pilot "jumps" to hyperspace in the midst of battle to avoid destruction.
There are many monsters within the folds of hyperspace. Little is known of these creatures & the race called the Ihenyli are often used to clear these realms of monsters.Only the dreaded legendary
Galactic Dragon is known! 

Stolen from Mr.Lizard Here
Encounters on the Seas Of Hyperspace 
Roll 1d10 
  1. Energy Macrosite - This dark twisting proto matter creature is made up from star matter & negative quantum fields. Attracted to the hyperspace signature of many vessels this monster attaches itself to the engines & begins draining off power ever other round. Changing the mix of many hyperspace jump engines has worked in the past. The creature does 1d8 points of damage per round. About 14 foot long, strangely shaped purple creature
  2. Planar Jumper- A simple worm shape organism 17 yards long that exists outside of regular hyperspace & time. This creature follows in the hyper space wake & feeds on the shield & screen harmonics of many ships.These harmonics often act as a mating beckon to the planar jumper which converts these energies into  more micro planar jumpers. They often burnout the delicate drive generators of many small ships. Psionic powers will often banish these pests before they become an issue.
  3. Elemental Colony - A collection of sentient bacteria left over from some forgotten interstellar war that drifts through the currents of hyperspace. They multiply on the hulls of many ships eating the metallic content of many hulls. Doing 1d8 points of damage per round these microscopic monsters are a menace. Often spacers will reason with them to leave but it can be a strange & often frustrating task. 
   4 .Flying Custodian- These robotic creatures often fly between the currents of hyperspace looking for vessels to help or hinder. Once the repair droids for a long forgotten fleet of interstellar war ships. These beings have become scavengers par excellence & will often try to sell parts, weapons, etc that they've "salvaged" from other hyperspace going ships. The Custodians attack with a particle beam for 1d8 points each followed by a series of blows from laser torch cannons 1d4. Many races now have a standing bounty of 10,000 or more on these junk dealers from hell.  

 5. The Spawn of Omacrontha - The robotic swarms of nano war bots that swim through the currents of hyperspace attacking anyone or anything that come across. Spawned by the "Emperor"  
Omacrontha the robotic tyrant 200 years ago, they have become a fearful blot on the interstellar space ways. They follow ships using a cloaking screen & may only be detected using psionics & magic. They open up with micro beams on the hulls of space craft only doing 1 or 2 points of damage. There are however upwards of 30 bots per swarm. They regenerate after being destroyed in 3 rounds. A strong magnetic pulse will kill a swarm instantly.

 6. Hyperspace Jelly Blobs - These strange small blogs aren't living creatures but small fractures in reality that roll through hyperspace. They seem to exist a micro islands of reality that bob along the currents of hyperspace. They can be psionically moved by many pilot. Ships can slam into them for 1d4 points of damage. The real danger though is encountering one that is actually a 2 dimensional flat slice of a star or planet. Ships have been known to drop instantly out of hyperspace. 

 7. Hyperspace "Hunter Jelly" - Another macro organism that tracks many hyperspace ships simply to eat the crew  or hitch a ride to an inhabited planet. These deadly predators are often 3 blocks across but might only be as large as a foot. The single celled organism expands depending upon how much it eats. Although not intelligent in the conventional sense. These monsters often target human ships above all others. 

8. Ethereal Retch Salamander-Another proto animal form from the lower elemental planes of fire, this creature is a ball of plasma death that eats the negative reversed energy found spewing from the reflections of black holes in hyperspace. These traveling balls of energy can often vaporize a star ship with little problem. Dealing an energy spit attack for 1d8 points of damage. Still they are hunted by at least 2 races who use these creatures for living fuel for their hyperspace engines

9. Soulmask Fungus- Also called the Kabuki Fungus this hyperspace creation got away from the sporcery guild & has since bred. The Soulmask fungus isn't intelligent in the conventional sense but does monitor interstellar broadcasts from within its hyperspace shoal. The fungus then broadcasts a copy of a ship in distress's signal. The white sail like fungus waits for savior to arrive where it then envelops the victim. The fungus then begins its acid based attack, breaking down everything abroad for 1d8 points of damage per round.

10.Galactic Dragon


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