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The Brahman Hunters - An Astronaut Temple

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.
Frank Herbert Dune 
An Yantra organization with deep roots to the deities of order, they are the machinery of fortune who hunt down the followers of the Rakshasa. They are the fulcrum composed of a balance between. "For no servant of evil can escape the hunters", the chant echoes through their temples on Hanalla II.
They follow the ways of Braham & the one supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe.Brahman is conceived as personal ("with qualities"), impersonal ("without qualities") and supreme depending on the philosophical school. Through the use of the ways of their school's abilities they can sense exactly where they are supposed to be in the schism of greater reality. With a skill roll a character is able to sense the vibrational/planar energies that allow them to know where the next moment of crisis will occur near by. The Hunters work for the equality of all, are dear to everyone. This is one of their highest precepts. Their sense of honor is complex as it is orderly. They move from star system to star system collecting the bounties on criminials  & giving the bounty to the charities around them as well as their own organization. The Hunters are given a salary on which to live & for expenses. 

Commands of The Brahman Hunters 
  1. Be honorable in all dealings 
  2. The Hunt is All. Respect it 
  3. The Yantra Mind Technology is sacred & must be respected 
  4. Bring law to the chaos of the universe 
  5. Bring honor to your family,your order, & your temple 
  6. Remember the chant "For no servant of evil can escape the hunters"
The use of the psycho social instrument of the Yantras  allows the Hunters to have access to the mental powers  of the mind to" 

  • "any instrument or machine" (i.e. that which is controlled or controls. For instance the body is said to be a yantra
  • "any instrument for holding, restraining, or fastening" (for instance a symbol which 'holds' the essence of a concept, or helps the mind to 'fasten' on a particular idea)
  • "a mystical or astronomical diagram" (usually a symbol, often inscribed on an amulet) sometimes said to possess mystical or magical powers.
  • Those using a skill roll may make an astrology roll once per game to determine a course of action. The roll allows the player to ask the DM a yes or no question or to determine if a particular path might be to their benefit.
    Know a Brahman Hunter by his Yantra Tattooing:
    Yantra tattoos are believed to be magic and bestow mystical powers, protection, or good luck.The tattoo is used for self-protection.believe a yantra has magical powers that ward off evil and hardship. The tattoo is particularly popular amongst military personnel. The tattoo supposedly guarantees that the person cannot receive any physical harm as long as they observe certain rules.
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*Please note that this is an imaginary depictions of some concepts of real world religion bits & pieces. They're my imaginings from several table top rpg campaigns that I've converted over to Human Space Empires. No offense is meant. Thank you. 


  1. A nice synthesis of real world and fictional elements. Good stuff!

  2. Thanks trey. These folks were from another game that I ported over.


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