Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alchemist Priests Of The Pirate Worlds ~ Part I

The ancient and divine writings say that the angels became enamoured of women; and, descending, taught them all the works of nature. Zosimos of Panopolis

Each pirate ship from Staritstan 8 has a scrying bowl aboard for peering into the planar spaces between star systems. A skill roll is needed. The prescience power allows one to cycle through a number of nearby systems using this power.

Upon the world of  Staritstan 8 there exist many different factions that have been outlawed else where within Human Space. Staritstan 8 is a place of  both forbidden science & intense psychic investigation. There are 23 known colleges of  "al-kīmīā." where both the mind & soul of humans & near humans are investigated.
These scientists use their alchemy powers to create any number of  super scientific artifacts not found on any other worlds. 
Nanite Cortical Homunculus Implantation

The Alchemists preform a pseudo medical operation implanting a series of deep probes that stimulate the latent psychic centers of the brain. This allows a number of powers to manifest in the mind of the user. This process creates a sort of artificial navigator. Allowing the user to see into the Outer Darkness at will. It grands the user the following powers three times a day at the cost of  a life span cut in half:
Machine Empathy (three times per day)
Control Device (three times per day)
Disbelieve(three times per day)
Extra vision (three times per day)
Teleportation(three times per day)
Mind Bar (three times per day)
Prescience(three times per day)
Esp (three times per day)
Third Eye(three times per day)
The options for this procedure are often done on indentured servants & the servant may never turn his or her powers on a their master or alchemist.
The Labor Force 
Homunculi are hybrid life forms created out of a giant viscous liquid containing various animal cells. They are used as cheap labor. They may be directed by a skill roll or super science powers
Sub Planar Prison Of  The Opal
A specially prepared artificial fire opal is used to banish a planar being to depth of a sub plane held within the tightly packed atoms of this construct. A skill rolled is needed along with the super science power of summon planar demon. A trapped being may communicate with its holder via Esp but may not escape its prison unless a powerful force cracks the aligned atoms.

Celestial sphere

A very useful tool for navigating through the universe. This is a miniture reflection of the universe projected through a sub planar lens. The Celestial Sphere will give in exact pin point location of a star ship relative to its position in space. Even exiting the Outer Darkness will not cause the sphere to lose the location of said ship. These spheres are created using several extended skill rolls using super science & may be the creation of several high level alchemists(scientists) 

'Zardušt Drug

A special drug that allows the user to be conscious of every mote & molecule around them down to a planar level. This drug allows the user to be not only conscious of the planar universe but their place within it. The user can know which actions will create the best possible outcome to a given situation but there is 1d10 chance that under the effects of the drug they will do nothing but stare into space unless a save is rolled.

The Nine Souls Of The Alchemist Prince 

Using a special combination of herbs, & mind altering substances specially prepared the alchemist is able to separate himself into 9 separate beings. These beings may act independent of the alchemist & move through the motions of day to day life. With a special save the alchemist may appear as a younger version of himself as he moves about. The main body of the alchemist sits within a suspension couch looked after by attendants.
An alchemist or user of this process may gain 1d6 additional skills however there is a 10% chance of insanity taking place during the process.

Star Ship Coatings 
A series of alchemical devices & coatings is used to cover a star ship adding a 20% cost increase to a star ship
Sensor Web: A series of sensor units units are implanted across the flying surface of a star ship enabling one with super science abilities to gain a +2 or better on all sense style rolls. These sensors range all across the visible & invisible spectrum.
Frictionless Coatings: Often used to coat any pirate vessels that enter atmospheres. This coating protects the ship as it glides across an atmosphere from burning up on re entry. These coatings must be renewed every 3 missions for them to be truly effective
 "Jinnaye" Invisible Coating - The star ship is invisible to the planar entities known as Jinn. The Jinn lords still have a 10% chance of catching sight of the star ship. Lesser Jinn will not detect the ship's planar signature at all. 

Coming up next the forbidden sciences of the Homunculi


  1. I love the idea of a scrying bowl being used to look in planar space. And the cortical homonculus implant is inspired, too.

  2. Thanks Trey! Thanks very much!


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