Monday, May 9, 2011

P'kelachothab's Museum Of Forbidden Sciences

Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places." - "The Picture in the House" HP LOVECRAFT
P'kelachothab's Museum Of Forbidden Sciences is a museum dedicated to Forbidden Sciences and has the largest collection of weirdcraft and strange planar related artifacts in all the worlds.The place is by invitation only &  P'kelachothab the planar being who runs the place must extend such an invitation. The museum stands outside of time & the Outer Darkness lit by the blazing corpse of some ancient planar power destroyed in some nameless Ragnarock. The entire universe fits inside a small pocket dimension guarded by the Watchers of  P'kelachothab. Very little is known of these hooded savage beings.
 The museum is reachable through certain forbidden gateways ~A small passage handed down from from ancient antiquity :
"Gateways," Beane proclaimed, "gateways between worlds!" he paused suddenly, his face showing the anxious defiance of those who fear they will be thought mad.  Over the rattle of hailstones on the shutters, I could hear the hiss of his loud, rapid breathing.  As suddenly, he recovered his courage, and continued: "Yes, others have made such things, and certain vile secret societies have long striven to let their unspeakable masters enter from beyond.  But LeMarchand was clever!  As you know, a gate must be 'anchored' to a specific, unique pattern.  Often, fixed configurations of matter are used: stone circles, or caves, or diagrams.  The key is usually a series of thaumaturgically equivalent temporal structures: gestures and sounds.  But I digress..."
Some of the Unique Displays of  The Museum Include: 
  •  "Reality Engine" ~ A mini pocket dimension generator capable of creating anything that the user can imagine. The engine uses a series of interlinked mini black holes held in place by the mechanism itself. The engine is running but for what reason is unknown at present. The museum staff mutters something about 111, 912& simply walk away

  • The Hand of Vishnu- A strange robotic hand that seems to be the only remaining artifact from a lost pocket dimension. The actual reason for its name & existence is unknown but rumored to be a fulcrum holding this universe in place. If removed from the universe it is unknown what its effects upon reality might be. There have been several attempts to steal it. 
  • The Halls of Alternative Artifacts : A cross section of some of the most powerful & incredible alien artifacts from universes that never existed. These artifacts are so powerful that only they remain after the dream of these universes collapse into oblivion. 
  •  The Halls Of the Old Ones - A cross section of the great old ones who rule from beyond time & space. There have been rumors of some never returning from these halls! It is said that as you see these displays that they can see you.
  • Weapon Halls of Never Been - Here there are literally thousands of weapon technologies on display from across the vast planar universes. The displays are well guarded but some of the weapons have been known to wander! 

A recent addition to the museum's collection is this ancient Dero power armor recovered from a 50 million year old Titan space carrier. The dero are still using their ancient power armor today in many lightning raids conducted within the human empire!
  •  The Hall of Demons - Here the living enemies of P'kelachothab are displayed as part a bio genesis history of the lord of the realm. As punishment, any may call on these demons to do their bidding as long as proper "spells" are used. Those who try to free a demon may in fact find themselves at the mercy of the master of this pocket hell.

The Ancient Globe -an "interesting but primitive work by a talented provincial," This Earth seems to prove Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development was a biological theory first postulated by A.E. Hodgkin. The theory was that similar planets with similar environments and similar populations tended to gravitate toward similar biological developments over time. Although initially applicable only to biology it was later expanded to include a tendency to move toward similar sociological developments as well with sentient beings. This of course is until the Earth is observed for any length of time. The actual world has been trapped in its current state by the Titans because of an infection of Deros. The current time line is some where around Earth is the 1960s. There have been several attempts by the Burke & Hare to grab The Ancient Globe. All have been foiled & those responsible have been made to suffer as part of the museum in the Hall of the Screaming Ones.
One of the friendly staff ready to help you with any questions about the displays!
P'kelachothab's Museum Of Forbidden Sciences has been known from time to time to employ adventurer's to recover more artifacts for display or to recover some of the more troubling artifacts that have gone wandering. Please accept an invitation from our staff.


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