Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Shambling Warpers From The Desecrated Sphere

Those infected by the warper's taint are drawn to the scent of life force. They will stop at nothing to reach those who are still alive! 
Throughout history the image of the vampire has existed. The Shambling Warpers From The Desecrated Sphere   may be responsible for this view 

No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Inimical
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8
Morale: 10

A distant planar relative of the Whimper, these being from the Outer Darkness are some of the most dangerous threats that a world may face. It transpires the aliens are a race of space vampires that consume the life force from living beings instead of blood. Those who become infected with the Warpers must consume more life force or simply turn to dust after two hours. 
The process begins with the landing of an alien space craft. Often these craft are from destroyed planets themselves. 

The warpers being the process of infection & take over.  Once transformed, the victims cycle into living-dead every two hours and seek out the living, absorbing the life force from their victims. These people themselves become vampires and the transformation process repeats.
Humans & near humans aren't the only ones who suffer from these infects by the Warpers! 
Comet always proceeds them. Often after raiding a world their ships will  lie in wait within the tail of a comet. 
The survivor's fleets are those who have escaped from their worlds after the Warpers have made them  uninhabitable 
Comets throughout the universe & teams of adventures are sent to destroy these creatures at the first signs of infection! 
Many ancient warnings of these monsters exist as illustrated here from this  piece  that is over 3 billion years old 
Once a planet's infection has run its full course the Warpers sent out a signal & a ship comes to collect all of the life force & the process begins again! Only Super science can cure an infection by these monsters. Very little is understood about them. 
 Details of  The Shambling Warpers From The Desecrated Sphere
Interior view of the alien entity after contact with the victim 
An  over lord of the Shambling Warpers From The Desecrated Sphere

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