Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Space Renders - Predatory Tardigrades

Watch Out A Free Floating Tardigrade is coming to get you in Free Fall
They Float, they walk, & their the size of a small bus!
Study the vitals of your enemy!
The jaw mechanisms of the Tardigrades capable of processing rock or taking your arm or leg in one pass
The Grizzly Tardigrade seen here moments before taking out the astronaut camera man on the small planetoid of Shiva 4. This monster is over 25 years old & is hunting for lesser forms of his kind like those below
Passive form of the Tardigrades seen here on  the planetoid  Shiva 5 processing through veg matter for latter refinement into valuable space products.
No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 120'
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 38
Attacks: Special
Damage: Special
Morale: 12

Nature makes due with what it has to & since moving into space the Tarigrades have been mankind's right hand but there are some varieties that are far more then they seem. Gene spliced to be dangerous the 
Predatory Tardigrades are terror weapons of the first order. These monsters are seen both in space & planet side. They produce a telepathic screen of peacefulness & passive intent that makes them seem just like their brothers. However they are anything but growing to almost twice the size. This alternative grizzly form is the terror of the space ways. Armed with 4 sets of jaws plus 6 sets of claws these monsters are more then a match for most hunting parties. They are often seen on planets where they should not be leading many to think that some party is seeding these things!
   Planet side the Tardigrades are capable of digesting a wide variety of plant & animals. The matter is chewed up & sweated out in 2 useful forms. A tough veggie plastic like form of pellets & a sheet of the same tough material that is capable of taking a solid slug of  old Earth buck shot square on. The animal paste that is sweated out is turned into a large variety of products from fabric to space ship lining. The monster is still capable of  the asteroid mining of its little brother however this Tarigrade is far more surly & easily provoked.
  There is also the additional problem that if mixed with "normal" space bovine form a gene may be passed between types switching on some unknown mechanism that transforms the passive form into the monster. The predatory types also display several behaviors that are truly worrying such as free fall gravity combat modes, planning & a remarkable degree of cunning, plus a strange instinct for understanding mankind & his allies.They are also truly long lived with a life span of over 100 years during which they keep growing & increasing in mass, size, experience, & temper! 
 The predatory engineered life form that is quite surly & will attack with its claws for 1d8 points of acidic damage plus 6 claws each dealing 1d6  points of damage a piece This life form is rare at present accept on the outer fringes of  the universe but given its economic potential that will quickly change.
The remains of a space craft attacked by one of the The Space Renders!
Please play while reading monster profile

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