Friday, May 13, 2011

Comet Inc. -Doing The Gods Work For Them

Comet Inc. is a Planetary engineering firm that uses comets to terraform the biosphere of planets for colonies, engineering, economics & other applications! This is done by the firm which a planet's surface conditions are altered to be more like those of Earth. Other types of planetary engineering include ecopoiesis, the introduction of an ecology to a lifeless environment.The firm also handles Geoengineering which is the application of planetary engineering techniques to Earth. Recent geoengineering proposals have principally been methods to tackle human-induced climate change by either removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (e.g. using ocean iron fertilization) or by managing solar radiation (e.g. by using mirrors in space) in order to negate the net warming effect of climate change
 The firm also uses Iron fertilization.
 Iron fertilization is the intentional introduction of iron to the upper ocean to stimulate aphytoplankton bloom. This is intended to enhance biological productivity, which can benefit the marine food chain and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Iron is a trace element necessary for photosynthesis in all plants. It is highly insoluble in sea water and is often the limiting nutrient for phytoplankton growth.
Comet Inc. continues to be a force of incredible power & domination in the universe! Astronomical engineering involving operations with whole astronomical objects (planetsstars, etc.) is one of there continuing areas that they work very hard at. There have been many radical elements that have recently begun to attack Comet Inc. stellar properties. These forces include many followers of chaotic gods & such after Comet Inc. had several Gas Giants are "Helioformed" to create viable suns for the surrounding planets and moons.
The firm hasn't denied the use of  so called "Titan" technologies which included stellar engineering of any kind, stellar manipulation (or husbandry), requiring substantially less technological advancement than would be needed to create a new star, could eventually be performed in order to stabilize or prolong the lifetime of a star, mine it for useful material (known as Star lifting) or use it as a direct energy source. Since a civilization advanced enough to be capable of manufacturing a new star would likely have vast material and energy resources at its disposal, it almost certainly wouldn't need to do so. The ancient "titans" had the means & did so called star lifting on a regular basis. Comet Inc. often employs freelancers, independent miners, & adventurers in many kinds of capacities. There are rumors of a Titan Dyson swarm that was used in star lifting has been located by the company! The variant closest to Dyson's original conception is the "Dyson swarm". It consists of a large number of independent constructs (usually solar power satellites and space habitats) orbiting in a dense formation around the star. This approach to the construction of a Dyson sphere has several advantages: the components making it up could range widely in individual size and design, and such a sphere could be constructed incrementally over a long period.[3] Various forms of wireless energy transfer could be used in order to transfer energy between constructs. 
The company nether confirms or denies any such rumors! Comet Inc does have 21 branches on Hnalla II though sparking many rumors. 

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