Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Actual Play Report III -Interlude

I was talking with one of my players today.Many times opinions will emerge days or close to a week later. My friend Forrest Prue has been playing table top rpgs about as long as I have & he doesn't mince words when it comes to role playing. Especially science fiction or science fantasy which he's had some experiences with. The man is a huge Star Frontiers fan & loves Dungeons & Dragons as well as West End Star Wars. The following opinions emerged after a protracted discussion over Human Space Empires.

  1. An alternative points cost system for super science powers needs to be developed perhaps based on psi points within the game.
  2. There is a possibility of using the original Empire Of The Petal Throne rules for primitive weapons
  3. The system is solid for creating Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Dune or Foundation Series pulp style adventures 
  4. Adventures have to be episodic in scope with a definitive beginning, middle, & end. This needs to be just like the original Star Trek or early 50s science fiction dramas ala Tom Corbet. The reason is that the right experience points have to be spread out correctly allowing characters to grow & change. 
  5. The monsters can't over power the adventurers because instant death may result. Keep the monsters within the reasonable limits of the game allowing combat to occur organically. This allows the story to flow & combat to be memorable.
  6. The combat system & power system are balanced so that npcs & characters have a fighting chance. Nameless npcs should be waring red shirts in the game. 
  7. Space ships aren't as important as characters Star Frontiers didn't have ship rules until the advanced game came out & the adventures were pretty exciting!
    These are a few of the opinions expressed today & I wanted to share them with everyone. Please comment your thoughts or opinions both good & bad. Next game Saturday!

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