Friday, June 17, 2011

Sacrifice to the Lust Queen of the Flame Rite. A Lost Path World!

The Forbidden Rites of 


Each year within the colony world of  Fomalhaut 12 a beautiful woman is chosen from among the thousands of the young temple virgins. The colonists are a lost race of post atomic survivors whose colony ships were launched back before the complete destruction of their world! They mark the occasion of being guided to Fomalhaut 12  by the specter of  Cthugha himself. Lots are drawn from the surrounding communities & cities from which the Queens are chosen. The colonists of  Fomalhaut 12 found a unique combination of fertile, volcanic soil and local waters heated by the Gulf Streams. A local scientist inculcated in the local populace a belief that the old gods were real and worshiping them by farming the new crop strains would deliver them from their meager livelihood. The crops bore fruit and the planet's Human Empire clergy were driven away, with the population now embracing pagan teachings wholesale. 
As the close of the planetary cycle the Queens are chosen & each is used in a unique rite. The queens learn a combination of  psychokinetic powers & space yoga which allows them to survive almost any fires without harm. Those visiting the planet are sometimes chose from among the populous & given over to the other participates of the rites ... The fire servants of  Cthugha! 
  These monstrous red skinned humanoids are given over to the religious officials during the year where they are put through a series of strange super science procedures. The resulting creatures wrestle the sacrifice as jets of fire dance around the queen. The end result is the death of the victim. The fire servants of  Cthugha then caper through the crowds who gather round to witness the spectacle. There is absolutely no truth that planetary officials have kidnapped or harmed out worlders when sacrifices could not be found. The Human Empire offers several warnings about the subject planet & there have been incidents of brave souls invading the towns to recover loved ones. The queens themselves become the next generation of the Cthughaian Church's temple officials. Passing on the secrets of the fire servants themselves to the next Lust Queens. The cycle continues unabated!  The Fire Servants of  Cthugha! 

No. Enc.: 1d8 
Alignment: Inimical
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 2
Damage: by weapon &( Special see below) 
Morale: 10

 Powers of Pyrokinesis, Battle Lust (Double Attacks For 2 Rds once per day), Immunity to Ordinary fires, & Heat Metal for 1d6 pts of damage, 
Must obey Lust Queen's commands. 

Temple areas are marked by maypole like structures which denote where the Fire Servants dwell ! 

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