Thursday, June 16, 2011

Human Space Empires Actual RePlay!

So after last week's game & comments from my players, we've had a meeting. We're done a house rule workshop & want to see where we're going from there. I've rewritten the adventure & made the encounters more intense. I've gotten the old school feel much deeper now & dug in on the Human Space Empire's timeline for some of the background. Several of Drune's comments on the Swords & Glory boards hit home.
So revamped & redone are the watch words.. More later!


  1. Maybe the art of adventure planning is in the replan. :)

  2. I like to hedge my bets Trey. I talk things out with players & move forward with plans. I've had enough time to go back to the drawing board & let things happen organically. Sometimes like manure ;) Mistakes sometimes give the best results.


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