Saturday, June 18, 2011

Space Snot - The Parasite Within The Drive!

Among the stars filled with slimes, molds, jellies & oozes, there is one that causes scientists & astronauts alike to shiver. SPACE SNOT!
  Space snot is caused by a reaction between the planar drive systems & the tri- column nature of the space time continuum. The stuff congeals from within the no space of the drive systems where it quickly begins to consume the delicate parts slowly but surely within 14 rounds! Space snot often take on the characteristics of which parts it consumes. This stuff is often found within star ship wrecks or hulks depending upon if the star ship reactor is still intact. Star Snot is an off shoot of Space Snot & most secrete an acid from their skin that dissolves flesh and other materials rapidly. Star Snot does 1d8 points of damage per round. Many astronauts prospect within Space Hulks for Space Snot & sell the stuff to scientists who use this life form as part of many super science potions & devices!
Random 1d10 Space Snot Characteristics 
  1. Add +1 to +3 to an attribute for 1d6 rounds as the powerful energies the space snot has absorbed courses through you!
  2. 1d6 points of damage as antimatter explodes from the body of the life form
  3. Randomly teleport 1d4 miles from present location as you are shunted through higher planar space
  4. Add a +1 to Charisma & gain the voice power as the slime spreads its power through your mind
  5. 1d8 points of electrical damage that have been drained from the power packs of the ship. If handled correctly with a skill roll the snot may be used to recharge an energy weapon or jump start a ship
  6. Nullifies mental powers lose abilities for 1d6 rounds as the snot causes a brain drain! If handled correctly  the snot may be used for healing mental parasitic infections
  7. Gain precognition for 1d4 rounds after having drained the hyper space lens or used for making a potion of precognition
  8. Psychokinesis snot having drained the impulse jets  take 1d6 points vs save.This snot may be used for making flame proof space armor
  9. Star Snot -Does 1d6 points of solar damage with a skill roll this may be used to make a mini star reactor
  10. Planar Snot - Save vs or be made insoluble for 1d6 days. This snot may be used to make a planar teleportation device
Handling Space Snot requires skill checks  to be made or its characteristics might be triggered each time its handled. Space snot may be stored in cryo containers where its nasty nature may not be an issue

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  1. Good stuff! Not the snot, but the post. ;)

  2. Thanks part of the idea for this came from the under ground ecology gig you did for the City! The slimes & adventurer connection got me thinking about the value of such things & so thanks for the idea,Trey!


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