Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sex In Human Space Empires -The Grix

They appear all over the universe in many pirate ports promising a good time by night. By day they are nothing more then sinister black boxes. Yet night after night their seducers circulate through the crowds, they organize parties, orgies, set up brothels & have be come be the watch word in the world of vice.

The children of each world they visit have a verse for them.
One or two they come for you
Three or Four don't let them shut the door
Five or Six here come the Grix
Seven or Eight you cease to hate

For each world where they're structures are & they're operations begin. People go missing, slow ever so slowly that really no one misses them. For you see they never leave. The clients are changed by planar energies & the delicate application of nano surgery into the perfect shape  changers. They are remade into the perfect partner & can shift into any species or racial type. They gather secrets, carryout the will of their masters, & everyone seems very happy with this arrangement. Especially the Grix. If one doesn't work out then their is always another to take their place.

To add final insult to injury of their workers/slaves the Grix use them as part of their cycle of reproduction. Eggs are laid under the skin of the shape shifter about 80 at a time. The shifter then converts to an un dead state as part of its final life cycle. Here they will protect the eggs at any cost until they hatch. The larva then feed on the body & grow into a full adult Grix in about 2 weeks time. They are fully intelligent having been passed on the life experiences of the a parent both through RNA & psychic means. Rumors are that there are really only one Grix & that they are a hive mind. There are rumors that the Grix may be related to the Shambleau

No. Enc.: 1-2
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 60’/60'/90’
Armor Class: 4/3/2
Hit Dice: 4/12/19
Attacks: 1/2/4
Damage: Special
Morale: 12

A humanoid being that gazes at a Grix must succeed in a saving throw versus psionics, or fall under the creature’s eroticized mind control. As a target's mind is flooded with eroticized images from its slaves  & the target finds himself carrying out the actions orchestrated by the Grix itself.  
A rare image of  a Grix from one of the more remote corners of the universe 

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  1. They're a particularly loathsome client race of Burke & Hare. There will be more with the Grix soon! As always thanks for the kind words & I loved the Popeye picture on your blog!


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