Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cult Of The Spider Zsar & Actual Play Weds

Cult of the Spider Zsar Evolved Morlock Member . One of the heads of the cult. 

Cult Of The Spider Zsar
Tech: IV 
Types: H(25%),MA(25%),P(5%)*
Secret Sign: Silver Spider circuit Tattoo across forearm or genitals for seducers of whatever sex of species
* All members of the sect include some type of spider motif within their persons
Location: Across lost colonies & pirate worlds
Description: The Cult Of The Spider Zsar formed during the horrors of the shadow years during the Atomic Wars at the dawning of the birth of the Human Space Empires. They preached a radical strain of genetic purity through the worship of certain esoteric spider gods(actually planar demonic entities). The cult described the survival of its adherents as emulating the characteristics & behavior of spiders as creatures of pure essence. They see themselves as the ultimate survivors who use a combination of patience, cruelty, & creative powers.  Late in the Atomic War's pre shadow years the cult hijacked a Robot Probe & killed all of the crew aboard. They sent 50,000 cloned fetuses aboard ship in cold storage to spread their message to the stars after the Earth would be wiped clean. What happened between the end of the Atomic Wars & the beginning of the Human Empires remains a mystery.
  However it is known that they have been active during that time dealing with many types of arachnid based races. Their core beliefs focus on,  S
piders. These have been the core of fears, stories and mythologies of various cultures for centuries.They have symbolized patience due to their hunting technique of setting webs and waiting for prey, as well as mischief and malice for the painful death their venom causes.

They believe that the Spider Zsar created the universe along with his fellow deities & that only they hold the universe together. Through chaos, mutation, & violence the prey & the predator will separate the weak from the strong. Only the strong will survive while the weak are merely prey. They are the creators because of their ability to spin webs!
Web-spinning also caused the association of the spider with creation myths as they seem to have the ability to produce their own worlds
Unlike many other cults, the Cult Of The Spider Zsar is a very social organization. It uses genetic modification, hyper spacial planar exposure to cause mutation. As a social unit it 
 is notoriously aggressive and cannibalistic, have formed small colonies in captivity, sharing webs and feeding together. It will weed out members who show signs of genetic weakness.
 Even their technology is based upon a spider motif & boasts several different devices which are seen over & over again as the technology is passed through a memory web meme system. This is a partially psionic creation that gets passed along the genetic drift from one egg clutch to another.

Mutant Spider Armor - Subtracts from the armor class of the individual wearing it. Allows one to survive edged weapon attacks much more easily

Spider Spy Bot - The tennis ball sized spy is one of the best devices created by the cult of the spider Zsar. These go anywhere robots are often disguised as a child's toy & yet have a full range of sensors, static stick pads (enabling the unit to climb walls), they are also armed with a light duty eye blaster allowing them to do 1d8 points of damage per shot!
Spider Blaster - Range - 300' Variable Damage -1d8+1 Weight 1 pd Cost 300 credits
 These are the standard side arm of the cult, they are often implanted directly on the arms of the attending members. They always have a spider motif & are sometimes biological in nature as well as cybernetic! They are never sold to those outside the cult!
  This vicious cult continues to spread its reign of evil across the stars only time will tell what will happen from here! 
What a wonderful game tonight, the guys discovered the remains of The Cult Of The Spider Tsar(Thanks to Robert for the cool name) inside a temporary star ship crew unit. They discovered lots of goodies & fought a bunch of robotic spiders! Then discovered a cryo sleep  unit full of "passengers" including a priest of said cult. Next Week off to Engineering as the pirate ship moves closer! Whose aboard & why do they want the ship! 

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