Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daedalus Robot Probe Incident- Actual Replay

So after heavily house ruling the hell out of Human Space Empires by:
  1. Assuming that all characters rolled a natural 20 allowing for greater skill ranges 
  2. Putting a points system that basically says that the characters psi points level is the amount of points that the characters have & that each level for a power is an actual point cost for that power. The rolls will be on a dramatic case by case basis allowing for a more cinematic style of play  
The game began & boy did it kick off with the players being assaulted by robotic spiders & them wrongly assuming that they were the same thing as the Replicator_(Stargate) which almost got them very very dead. They then decided to check out some of the other rooms including the ones where the A.I. Radio telescopes were being stored for launch. More spiders here!
Then they discovered room where some of  the ships data was being displayed & they discovered the second level/ ring where there was a complete robotic bio sphere where the A.I. life forms had evolved from mining robots before the Atomic Wars!  
Here they discovered a body of a scientist of  shepherds-of-chotho-zoth. A female scientist to be exact whose demon possessed body was just waiting for someone. 
  That's when all of the power went off in the room. The extra planar creature began to wail & the party opened up with energy weapons! After putting down the demon which destroyed the body the party began to loot the body! They discovered a holo emitter with the dead creature's log & that got put away. 
   A  quick initiative roll got them more spiders & they went from room to room quickly. They found out that some of the rooms weren't built to human proportions at all! Instead they were built for robotic lifeforms. 
  They found out that the primary A.I. had gone berserk & split itself into warrior personalities which had gotten put into several robots that they had found last week!  They quickly had their scientist get rid of the heads of said robots & moved down the hall way. The main elevator runs the entire shaft of the ship. I created an elevator encounter chart. They quickly learned that robotic life forms are very dangerous & had an encounter with a very dead war robot that had been dead for quite some time. They just made it to the second level computer room were another Shepard's corpse had been waiting but this time no demon.The corpse was half fazed through a console. A quick examination of the body revealed an eye! The party didn't want to tamper with the eye (luckly they didn't because it was the reason for his destruction). They found the course logs for the ship & that these logs recorded many lost routes through planar space! That's when the drive systems began to engage & the spiders began to appear again!  


  1. Fuck hell I want to play in this game RIGHT NOW! Seriously man, the idea of the lost routes is great – you should consider turning the adventure into a module. Please!!!!

  2. Now move from considering to making notes & design stuff. Stay tuned!


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