Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"War of the Worlds: Goliath" Production Art! & Actual Play

On June 17th one day after my birthday, the Old School Heretic posted about this movie. I've been talking with folks about it ever since. Today I was looking over some of the wonderful preproduction & production artwork that has been made available Here


From what I can tell it looks as if the creators have borrowed heavily from Edison Conquest of  Mars.The plot of which is :  In it, Edison travels to Mars, his inventions (including the disintegrator ray) allow an Earth spacefleet to destroy the Martians' ability to make war after several exciting battles. There are ship-to-ship battles, and battles between Earth ships and Martian ground forts. This was perhaps the first space opera, although the term did not yet exist; it was perhaps the most literal of the Edisonades.
In the story, communication between spacemen in space needs a wire to be passed between them; spaceships communicate by flags or lights. Although the story was published in 1898 during the early real experiments in radio, it contains no concept of radio. Down load the book Here
I'm not going to talk about the martians technology because, again Old School Heretic did a hell of a job covering this Here
Why however I'm I bringing this up? Well because I've had to move my game from Thursday to Wednesdays & soon my group will be facing space pirates! But not simply any space pirates but a group of renegade  Nyagga ! 

I wanted something interesting & I think these guys fit the bill in spades! More coming soon from actual Play! Thanks to the Old School Heretic blog for some of the best resources when speed is of the essence!
    One thing about this cartoon is that this isn't the first time we've seen an old school cartoon about alien invasion & mecha. There was an older anime that played with the same themes only in World War II of an alternative history style. Ladies & Gentlemen -Alien Defender Geo-Armor!

Kishin Corps is based on a novel by Masaki Yamada
The plot of Kishin is as follows: 
Kishin Corps (機神兵団 Kishin Heidan?) is a mecha anime directed by Takaaki Ishiyama and Kazunori Mizuno. It is a work of alternate history, taking place in 1941 during World War II. An alien race invades the earth and allies with the axis powers. To combat these aliens an elite allied unit called the Kishin Corps is created, using alien technology. The story deals with the main character Taishi, who obtains a secret alien device from his father, which the Germans are after to build their own robotsThis work of historical fiction, a number of things are different from true history. One key difference is that aliens are attacking the Earth. But even more important is that we have adapted alien technology to make it possible to create gigantic steam-powered mechs.There are three important groups in this story: the Kanto army, the Nazis, and the Kishin Corps. The aliens are simply extra, an excuse to have powerful technology.I might just add a ruined version of a Kishin mecha just as a nod to the series. It remains a favorite of my gaming group! 
Having a blast adding in some tripod elements at the last moment!

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