Thursday, June 9, 2011

Actual Play Post Game Wrap Up

So last night we played in between thunderstorms & lightning. The game was very fast & the players actually went right into taking their Zarcov Interstellar  Vimaras to the comet. The astronaut made all of his piloting rolls & they were able to get their orbits in sink. The attachment of the mag & air locks was next & their warrior in space armor made it aboard. There was no resistance which confused the heck out of the players. As a game master I like a slow build up. They were able get aboard the flight deck & into one of the robot probe hangers. There were 18 probes aboard, & their warrior droids  secured the hall way. One of their warrior droids is the combination of more then a few cobbled together robot parts, junk, & bits from a few other places. He noticed right away that  the A.I. was insane & took steps to isolate it from the mains.
The other players meanwhile made their way deeper into the ship while the warrior/mechanic began to look into the internals of one of the probes.
That's when something moved inside the ship. It crawled through nose cone workings, internal works, etc.
After several repeated rolls the party was able to see that it was some kind modified engineering droid which left a trail of super science lube as it went. The mechanic was able to convince it to get into a sack with a charisma roll. (I don't think this was a good idea but hey)
Meanwhile the other members of the party move into the ship.
They keep moving deeper into the ship expecting resistance & meaning none. They begin finding ships systems have been modified & rebuilt according to non human conventions.
There are no life signs aboard only postitronic signatures as they found out on the pre orbit roll by.
The group at this point has decided that they're going to be interstellar space pirates! So they begin to steal anything that's not bolted down! Their scientist shuts off all of the robots aboard the ship at this point & then the red lights & warning klaxons come on!
This is where we ended as the thunderstorms rolled in!

More Human Space Empire Opinions 
Today's comments are from one of my players on character creation..

  1. The lack of options available to the players in character creation makes for cookie cutter characters 
  2. Mandatory chooses limits character customization 
  3. Character creativity doesn't exist as there needs to be more expansion of the classes
  4. Character creation/ growth is all formula 
  5. It is extremely difficult over extended play for characters to advance along the skill set as characters advance in level 


  1. Sounds like you've got one player that just really digs a different style of character creation. Were his or her feelings echoed by the others?

  2. I asked the players to be brutal really to squeeze out all of the comments for the system out of them. I'm trying to see where I can go with it. I think that the sky is the limit when it comes to the Dungeons & Dragons base game. The players are just getting used it & are trying to push buttons & see where I'm going to go with the campaign. So I'm going to play things up & ask for both an alternative system & really play with them! Great fun all of the way around!


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