Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warriors of Barsoom For Original Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Warriors Of Mars is an original edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement that allows one to capture & use the feel of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books for campaign use in the grand old game. Best of all its free!

The Barsoom OD&D supplement by "Doc" from the OD&D forums & hosted

Character classes on Barsoom include: 
Fighting man
Scout( a thief hybrid) 
Psion includes notes for Barsoomian psychic subtypes including:
Notes for the use of honor on Barsoom
New Races of  Barsoom 
The Weapons Of Barsoom
Monsters of Barsoom 

The Underworld of Mars 
An interesting overview with Maps of the major cities of Barsoom 
Plus a whole lot more including the major personalities of the Burroughs books
   All of this is packed into 29 pages of old school goodness with artwork from original edition goodness! Awesome stuff 
Do yourself a favor & go download this now!

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