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Vermillion Legion Veregya

Disintegrator ray cannons when you absolutely have to be sure  that everything is dead  on the battle field.

The cult leaders had barracked themselves within the capital building & were holding the governor, wife, son, & niece within the Grand Pyramid. The scene was very tense & the chalk white skin of the Illuminated shown  strangely within the grand building's light.
"They have 2 hours to bring us The Smokeless Carbuncle my dear governor. My followers wish no harm to you or the young ones. However your niece looks like a perfect sacrifice for my master's appetites."  The creature might have once been human but his skin was crisscrossed with a trace work of  scars in a grid like pattern. His strange overly sized head contrasted in color to his blood red robes & strange blue eyes. As he was speaking the governor's niece changed & her skin seemed to flow like strange languid liquid.
Her hands moved faster then his eyes or his followers could react.Within moments her claws had him, & not even his potent super science abilities could save him. His followers stood unmoving held fast by super science powers.
There shall be no retirement for you Porn Trader
"This is Corporal Kinrabe, area secure. Move In"

They are the right hand of the Autocrator in the darkness of  Human Space. There ranks swell with those of  abilities beyond the norm. The Vermillion Veregya Legion is known as the Department of Planar Warfare & its a name they live up to with a vengeance. The Grey Legion is drawn from the ranks of  the Deep Space fleets &  the Elite Sultyat clones. They are given new identities & rank within the Vemillion Legions. To former friends & family they are dead. Some of the Elite Sultyat are mind wiped or grown entirely within clone banks found within  deep space stations.
 They were special spacemen's leathers & are given special ranks within the  Veregya where they may be in deep cover for months moving among the Outer Colonies & pirate elements of the underworld. 

 Vermillion Veregya are often  a combination military force and interstellar law-enforcement agency, charged with the defense and preservation of Human Space. The ranks of  The Vermillion Legion are the cream of the crop.
 In game terms the adventurers, scientists, & astronauts receive a +1 or +2 to psychical attributes. Each one is also the receiver of an ability or power that is slightly beyond the norm. These abilities are part of the uniqueness of the  The Vermillion Legion Veregya.

  The ranks of a squad of  The  Vermillion Legion are always the same 2 Captains, a Lieutenant, a Sargent, a Corporal & a Scientist/Priest. These character will be veterans who have seen action within forces of the Human Space Empire's vast military machine. More details here Military & Government
Deep Undercover & Investigation is often the first step to accessing a situation

Investigation work is often 90% of the  Legion's job with in the Human Empires

Often when the Vermillion Legion must act is because an entire world has fallen to planar demonic influence. When this happens & the legion has no choose they act swiftly & planetary along with planar weapons are used to quell the world. The legion will follow closely with months of intense follow up
Jode' Tulvish The UnSpoken Lover has a violent hatred of  the Vermillion Legion having been banished from 11 core worlds
Sleeper Squad is a unique function within the Legion each of the psychics of the legion spends 12 months astrally wandering within the folds of hyper dimensional realities. These deep journeys allow the legion to pin point areas of trouble through the use of  super scientific powers far in advance of  "normal"  humanity & near humanity. Tours often last for a few months at a time.
Echo One - the larger of the deep sleep stations where the The Vermillion Legion Veregya  conducts its deep scans of hyper dimensional reality 

Here we see a member of the The Vermillion Legion using an  Edison disintegrator ray one of the more effective weapons against hyper planar entities. The ray is + 1  to any damage done to a demon or such entity. 
Members of the Legion work closely with any number of  alien  races  & geno types
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