Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mutant Madness Part II - A Recombinant Post

From 1947 up till present the ghost of the atom continues to haunt us with its depictions of the mutants. Games such as Terminal Space, Human Space Empires, Mutant Future come from a different place where adventure is the key. Here are some "missions" inspired by classic science fiction mutants done as a 1d10 table along with author!
Mutant Event Table Roll 1d10 

  1. A powerful mutant telepath is next step in his planet's evolution & tries to hire the party to take him to the ruins of  his forefathers (Slan by A.E.van Vogt). Does he have a hidden agenda 
  2. A colony of humans ruthlessly hunts down & kills any mutants after an "atomic" war. The mutations could actually help them to climb out of their technological Dark Age. (George Holt "Emergency Exit" )
  3. A powerful alien force creates a group of strange mutant children who take over a colony of humans. Is that a child on board your ship? (The Midwich Cuckoos  John Wyndham)
  4. After visiting a colony a cat is found on board the party's ship. The cat is telepathic & possesses higher intelligence. The cat's society wishes to higher the party to track down & destroy "the demons" who originally almost destroyed the world (Breed to Come By Andre Norton) 
  5. The characters come across a world so hostile that the planet's humanoid inhabitants are almost extinct. Tribes of mutants are about to over run the capital. The tribes are actually the original colonists bred to acquire claws & tusks are the original colonists 
  6. A teen runs down the party & wants to hire them to get off planet fast. The authorities want said teen back. The teen has been implanted with the memories & experiences of one of the council of elders & he's got a secret. (Curt Siodmak's Hauser's Memory)
  7. An old friend of the party has gone missing exploring some ancient ruins. He was seen in in a very dangerous region of space. Rumors have it that he's "changed" (Clark Aston Smith The Vaults Of Yon-Vombia 1932) 
  8. A group of colonists want to leave their current world for another where a certain breed of trees is. The Human Empire opposes this on religious grounds. Evidence mounts as the genome of the colonists is changing.(Eric Frank Russell's Symbiotica 1943)
  9. The party stumbles across a world whose inhabitants are humanoids with incredible mutant abilities.The Empire will not take them back on religious reasons. The original colonists died out centuries ago. The humanoids are the domestic animals the colonists brought with them 
  10. A near protoplasmic lifeform has been infecting & taking over humanoid & near human aliens across the galaxy. The life form induces changes within its host & is readying the universe for the next stage in evolution. Some of the universe isn't ready for it. (Childhood's End Arthur C. Clark)


  1. Cool. I salute you're knowledge of the science fiction genre. :)

  2. That's something coming from the man whose single handed created "The City" & still continues to amaze me with pretty damn original stuff. More to come!

  3. My praise certainly doesn't have the weight of Trey's, but I'm mighty impressed too. I love crossover and definitely have a soft spot for return to sources.

  4. Porky your praises has just as much weight man. I certainly have been impressed with your blog since day one. Don't forget I own/played Rogue Trader as well as the Chaos Armies so your blog is doubly important too me! I do need to put together soon a sliding scale of Rpg settings & damage soon.


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