Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Sorcerer's Tongue

The original stock for the The Sorcerer's Tongue!
Among the more memorable wares of the Pirate Worlds is this genetically modified
Cymothoa exigua parasite which has been combined with a Homunculus twisted by exposure to the Outer Darkness. These combined beings replace a magician or alchemist's tongue. The operation is a mere 130 credits & the pain is extreme as it is excruciating as the creature eats its host tongue. The creature allows the host to cast 1-3 spells per day without memorizing them.  These spells allow an alchemist  or mage to compete with the super science powers of  the Human Space population. These little monsters are found on a limited number of worlds such as Algol & Carcosa.

A mature  Sorcerer's Tongue awaiting replacement into an apprentice to continue its cycle of  magic & damnation

The damage does not end there though. Over the course of a life time as the caster relies on this parasite more & more the thing begins to gain in power as it feeds upon the soul of the user. In the end the caster's soul is delivered back to its master where the cycle begins anew.
The Sorcerer's Tongue is able to pass through many commercial scanners because it projects a damping field allowing those who don't pass a skill check not to notice it in a users aura. The parasite is easily outlawed on 72 planets within the known universe. On pirate worlds there are often thousands of mini versions of these little monsters swimming within alchemist's shop display windows glowing from the strange radiation of the life support units!


  1. You do this so well. Where you find the material is beyond me. Amazing.

  2. Man, these parasites give me the creeps--but your fantasy adaptation of them is great.

  3. You guys are the best! They give me the creeps as well man. Porky you've got to stop makin' me regret getting rid of my Chaos army man!


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