Saturday, June 4, 2011

South West Sunday - Ancient Astronauts On TV & Actual Play Four

The above intro was to the television show The Phoenix! The Phoenix is a 1982 television series starring Judson Scott which was on ABC for about one month. The plot revolved around an ancient extraterrestrial named Bennu of the Golden Light, who is discovered in a sarcophagus in Peru and awakened in the 20th Century.
The main character was Bennu of the Golden Light (played by Judson Scott), the protagonist, is an alien who possesses special abilities including physical levitationtelepathy,precognitionclairvoyanceastral projection and telekinesis. Some of these are made possible or amplified by his Phoenix Amulet, which draws power from the Sun. The planet Bennu hailed from was originally called Aurica, but this was changed to Eldebran for broadcast.
Bennu was searching for his mate Mira is another being from the planet Eldebran. 40,000 years ago she was placed on Earth as Bennu's companion, and when the series begins he is searching for her.
Then there's the evil alien Yago is another being from the planet Eldebran. He is evil and Bennu's primary opponent. Yago is connected to the Moon, as Bennu is to the Sun. The series bible explicitly compares Yago to Lucifer and Dracula. He wears a bracelet called "The Bells of Thon" around his right wrist, which has the power to deafen. He also carries a musical instrument called "The Black Moonball", which can alter his appearance or teleport him to another location. In the series bible Yago was named Aiwaz, presumably after the alleged being who dictated The Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley.
This might possibly be used as an inspiration for a Human Space Empire Adventure!! 

Actual Play  - Part 4 

The game tonight was a bit short handed as one of my players didn't show but this wasn't going to stop us. The two players moved through the narrow winding city streets making their way to meet up with their ship mate! They were approached by a strange priest dressed in gold lame' with a green comet design on his chest. The priest was accompanied by two Shen body guards & wished to speak with the characters. Forrest character led the priest on a merry conversation through a crowded intersection of people while Bob followed the 2 "body guards" through the maze like back streets. The shen met up with a human/shen half breed female in a near by  tenement. She gave them a holo crystal & a strange energy weapon. 
The "priest" continued to engage Forrest in conversation as the player got back to the party's space craft in a nearby hanger. The player had his friend charge the ship's twin linked lightning rifles as the shen entered the hanger. Bob meanwhile climbed a ladder above the hanger's ceiling & waited.  Forrest used the priest as a human shield as the shen opened up on his character! The shen get cooked as the priest begins to start ticking! The priest gets thrown under the blast shield of the hanger! The android explodes nicely! The characters punch the star ship engines & move out! 
  • Who are the new players on the scene & why is the church of the comet trying to stop the characters from making the fly by? 
  • What are church officials hiding?
  • Who are the mysterious Shen & what part do they play in the city's underworld  
Some  Actual Rules Opinions 

  1. The skill rolls need to be explained in Human Space Empire Rulebook 
  2. The saving throw system needs a bit more explaination for newer players 
  3. The time line is too expansive & needs less for new players 
  4. The Empire Of The Petal Throne rule book is a very good companion piece to this game & I feel that it helps round out the Human Space Empire Rule Book 

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