Friday, December 23, 2011

Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces & Post Apocalypse Games

Something really very cool for those looking for something to do in a post apocalypse world where holograms & lasers have become a rite of the local religion.
 The illusionist class in AD&D or a mutant with illusion projecting could be a very important asset to the local populous. The word of religion is a very powerful cementing force in a post apocalypse world. Imagine this sort  set up on something like a Dark Ages population. Very powerful stuff to be sure.

Video Sculpture: Days of War, Nights of Forgiveness from Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi on Vimeo.

The ideas presented in both Unearthed Arcana & AD&D  The Player's Handbook offer a myriad of  possibilities for the inclusion of the illusion class into temples, churches, palaces,etc. The idea of magic mouths, & all types of things could do some incredible things. Time & again I've seen this class reduced to the play toys of gnomes.
There are a all sorts of Hogwartian things that could be done with set ups from wizards & illusionists that have yet  to be explored in gaming. The floppiness of this set up alone is cool.

Live Video Sculpture: Sierpinski from Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi on Vimeo.

Each of these incredible displays has something of the religiousness in my eyes. Could the illusionist class become a coveted & forbidden thing? Sure it could. There are all sorts of weirdness that can be done with this. The treasures of the Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, & others speak volumes of the illusionists arts.
 When we comes to something like Human Space Empire or science fiction games the realities of the holodeck & weirder alien artifacts become apparent especially with some of the drugs that are floating in the game. Imagine the power of this sort of thing in something like Dune. Its uses could be both frightening & touch the truly alien.
Just some random thoughts going through my dungeon master's head. Enjoy the light show. 

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