Friday, December 16, 2011

Weird Adventures is out!

In case you've been sleeping under a rock for the last year the Weird Adventures has finally seen the light of day! I've been waiting for about a  year  & a day for this to come out! Trey over at the From The Scorcerer's Skull blog  Here   has put together this huge Pulp D&D style setting. It takes the familiar D&D trope & throws them through a blender to create 165 page morass of  lurid, cool, & downright creepy images to throw at a group of players
The low down of the pdf reads like this :
t's 165 pages (black and white with 4 full color maps) featuring:
  • City Confidential--A guide to the 5 baronies, numerous neighborhood, and weird locales of the City.
  • A guide to the Strange New World beyond the City, including the mysterious jungles of Asciana, morbid and insurrection-torn Zingaro, the gambler-haven of Faro City, and much more.
  • Thirty new monsters from "Black Blizzard" para-elemental to "Zombie, Cuijatepecan."
  • Adventure seeds and a mini-crawl through the City's largest (and weirdest) park.
  • Art by old school stalwarts Johnathan Bingham, Chris Huth, and Stefan Poag, plus great work for comic artists Reno Maniquis and Adam Moore, among others.
     At 11.00 for the pdf its really an economical purchase! Makes a great gift for that pulp loving gamer like me! Anyhow its really good & I'm very pleased for my friend Trey! The man did a great job on it! Congrats pal! Now get to work on a splat book for it! Lurid Tales or some such!
    You can purchase the pdf   Here
    There will be a print copy coming soon ! 


  1. Thanks so much for the plug, Needles! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. I'll grab it asap when I get paid! Can't wait to get get this in my hands! You did a great job on this!


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