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Terminal Space Rpg - Space Spells

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Squarrallon's Tiger (3rd level Magic User's Spell) This spell creates a tiger who is neither alive nor dead but made from energy that renews its self one micro second to another. This strange magic energy creation can track beings around light years. It can randomly track prey between 1d4 light years. The cat can attack a target of the caster's choosing for 1d3 points of damage per claw swipe. The animal can defend its master from 1 melee or energy weapon attack during which it will vanish in a haze of etheric energy. The caster can also instead of summoning it use its senses as his own adding +1 to all energy related rolls this effect will only last one turn however. 
Prayers of the Lost Ones(2nd level clerical spell) The caster is able to listen to the cries of any soul's last moments within 1 light year of their position. The effect will last 1d4 turns. They may vocalize this effect as well demoralizing friends & foes alike. All rolls are at a -1 for the duration of the spell. 
Tighter & Tighter (3rd level magic user spell) creates a noose of energy around the target that immobilizes but does not harm the target. The effect will last for 1d4 hours. 
Mr. Sulu's Prayer's Of  Navigation (3rd level Clerical Spell) The caster utters a prayer to the space gods of navigation & a mystical line of energy will appear on any standard star chart showing the way of least hazards  & resistance. A standard star chart is needed for this prayer to work. 
Siren Call Of The Navigator (4th level Magic User Spell) The caster is able to create a series of false coordinates that a target's computer or robotic brain will read as true. The number of ships that can be targeted is random as the chaotic forces this spell pulls from are very strange & weird. The caster can target 1d6 targets each time this spell is cast. 
Survive The Void (2nd level Clerical Spell) The target can survive the rigors of space without a space suit for a very limited time. The effects will last 1d3 round 
Call The Dark Servants (4th level Magic user spell) The caster calls a dark matter servant of  3 hit dice to do his bidding. These spirits are wily & nervous but will as asked. They can carry anyone back to the depths of deep space unless a save versus is made. Those that don't will rupture from the absolute zero chill of these beings or their air supply may run out. These spirits may turn on their casters as well. 
Summon The Deep Space Angels ( 2nd level clerical spell) This spell calls into the void of space & summons a 2 dice space angel. These majestic creatures sail the hyper space zones of space. They can help with any hyperspace jumps by clearing the way of debris, gas, & such. These creatures communicate telepathically & are known to gossip, exchange information with many gods & spirits. If summoned too often they may spread rumors & falsehoods about the characters or the cleric himself. 
Waves Of Space(2nd level magic user spell) The Caster creates planar waves of space & the cold between the stars from his finger tips. This can cause 1d4 points of burning, boiling, & rupturing  damage of any organic tissue or material it hits. Any magical shield or circle will negate the effects of this spell. 
Invocation of The Blasphemous Names (3rd Level Clerical Spell) The Cleric uses the names of several well known Outer Darkness demons to shake any who hear it. Any within ear shot will be at a -1 for 2 turns but friend & foe alike. There is a 10% of the entity hearing its name uttered & coming to investigate. 
Razor Wire Bolt Of Boarding (3rd level magic user spell) This spell creates single strand of razor wire material taken from the hells where this created. The stuff instantly speeds towards its target for 1d3 points of damage & will impale the target in the most vital spot. This spell is often used during space ship boarding actions because if it misses the target it will vanish back from whence it came. 
 Battle Stations Force Field Projection(3rd level clerical spell) The cleric creates a force field around a space craft using his own hit points as the fuel for the spell. This spell can last 1d6 turns at the end of which the cleric must rest or save versus death. If the save should fail he will be in a coma for 1d10 weeks. Should an attack exceed his hit points he will die in a fiery holocaust of flame as his life force consumes itself. If he does last he will need to rest for 1d6 days 

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