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The Terr'eruusa -The Tissue Farmers

One the otherside of the Hierbstein galaxy is a very small tranquil world of human colonists descended from a long line of  cloning & genetic experts. They seed worlds with captured colonists from the Outer Rim worlds & allow their farm planets to do their work.They've several worlds, worlds in very primitives states. These worlds are teeming with dinosaurs planted by the Atlans & many others

 They weed the weak & only the strong survive.
The strong make excellent breeding, slave, & food stock!
 The Terr'eruusa are also avowed cannibals! 

Those who remain alive are taken to the Terr'eruusa's home worlds for processing, their tissues, organs, & all are cloned, rendered down, & finally put into circulation as products.
Parties of Terr'eruusa will be 2nd level fighters led by a 5th level warrior chief

The Terr'eruusa also use traditional hunting & capture techniques they also use a variety of biological plant creations to aid within the capture of their prey/product.

Collector plant 

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 3 
Damage: 1d8 (plus special)
Morale: 9
These plants will try to take a victim alive & will "eat" them by absorbing the creature into its mouth like membranes. The victim will be stabilized once inside the monster enabling it to then send out a radio signal to its masters. The creatures will put the victim into an artificial coma if necessary for retrieval. These monsters have an uncanny habit of picking the strongest member of a party. Each of these monsters will hold 1d10 victims. 

Weapons & tools of the the Terr'eruusa are multiple use  these  scapels are laser sharped  & act as +2 knives . 

This ornate tissue saw is capable of doing 1d6 points of damage to those who  wield  it  & it is often used for  slicing  limbs & appendages off.
The Terr'eruusa World Random Encounter Table Roll 1d10 
  1. Carnosaurs 1d10 consult appropriate  matrix 
  2. Lizard men 1d20 armed with axes 20% of advanced weapons or 10% of energy rays 
  3. Collector plants 1d6 with relics from previous victims around to attract attention 
  4. Escapees let go so that they might lure more victims for the hunters 
  5. Flying reptiles attracted by the scent of blood 
  6. Terr'eruusa warrior party armed with energy weapons & advanced melee weapons 
  7. A herd of 1d10 plant eating dinosaurs 40% likely to be startled & stampede 
  8. Terr'eruusa pyramid structures each will act as a sleep trap for victims 
  9. 1d20 giant insects very hungry 
  10. Space pirates lost, desperate, & very violent! 
Scattered throughout the jungles of these worlds are tele electronic monoliths which deaden high technology by focusing pseudo chaotic planar forces. All electronic gear must make a saving throw each day or break when such a throw fails!
 The Terr'eruusa History 
It is believed that the Terr'eruusa are the product of Krell or Atlan breeding programs millions of years ago. They are completely alien to the human race as we are to insects. They have very little resembling any type of moral code, civilization, society, or any touch stone that we might be familiar with.
They're civilization has more in common with social insects then it does mankind. They communicate with several types of telepathic implant, chemical glands, & complete sensor arrays.
These creatures gain a +2 on any saving throws for any type of mental domination because their mode of thought is so alien.

The Terr'eruusa Bio Saucers
Weight : 30 Tons
Drive : Mag -Planar shift organ
Communications : Telepathic universal sensing & receiving organ 4 light year range
Weapon systems: Veiso orgone energy cannons Range 1 light year Damage 1d10 per blast with radiation poisoning lingering unless a saving throw is made
Computer system: Cloned mammal brain systems coupled with human clone tissue -Telepathic rapture with pilot & crew
Telekinesis VOTL systems for  atmosphere flight & attaining planetary orbit
Cargo Sleep System capable of holding 12 persons for a 3 year period. Capable of growing more compartments for holding 50 tons or more of cargo.
Takes 1d20 days to grow extra space

Slave Encounters  & Wares File:Boulanger Gustave Clarence Rudolphe The Slave Market.jpg

Those taken by The Terr'eruusa who are deemed intelligent are often used as agents & or slaves by the aliens. These slaves sell their bio ware & clones at markets though out the universe. These schemes are not for profit but it seems act as a scientific control for their diabolical experiments.
Some of the products seen & seized by Space Police officers have included :
Cherubs - Children with the faces of angels & the computing capacity of a million computers. These creatures however a often programmed with forbidden knowledge & dangerous ideals. They will betray their masters & do much harm to those around them.
Pleasure sheets - Living sheets of tissue that conform telepathically to the user's sexual orientation & desire. Also double as assassin weapons for their masters. 

Miracle organs- These organs are used to replace missing limbs, tissues, etc. They may also act as secondary spies & double as back up information gathering drive systems 
Organe blaster - Living weapons that replace the user' s hand. These energy weapons never need reloading as they gather their energy from around the user. They are only a 4 shot weapon & do 1d6 damage to targets at a range of  100 yards. These weapons will turn on their users at the telepathic commands of their masters 
Bio Clone Pleasure Slaves - These creatures serve the whims of their owner. They are perfect companion reading their masters wants & needs through body language, pharmone content etc. They can alter their sex at will become male or female, changing facial features, hair color etc. It is believed that these creatures are in fact prisoners of the Terr'eruusa. Those who have displeased them & now are trapped within their own bodies transformed to live out their days as these creatures. They are the ultimate spies & assassins of the Terr'eruusa.
All items of the Terr'eruusa are bought on alien markets. These things cost merely the buyers desires & dreams which the Terr'eruusa will record within psycho organe crystals. It is unknown what these aliens do with them. They have been known to reclaim their property after a time span or two.

Note: The Terr'eruusa  have been written for Human Space Empires, Terminal Space, &  Rogue Space . They may easily be converted to most old school clones as well. Enjoy

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