Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Five More Super Science Powers That Might Save Your Pc's life !

Telekinetic Weapon Draw  - Level 1 - The user dedicates one of their weapons as their signature weapon. The user links with the weapon & it will active when this power is used slowly or instantly. The weapon is drawn & ready all within the same round.
Touch Of Destiny - Level 2 The user is able to sense the strands of destiny around them. They will know when a life changing event is going to happen with in three minutes of real time. However the when & where is up to the dungeon master. Once this power is activated then its used & gone. The power may be used 3 times per day. If the person should use this power to thwart the powers of fate too many times then the gods of fate will send a planar guardian demon to teach the user proper respect. 
Eyes of The Devil -Level 2  The user can see into the Outer Darkness around him within a 20 foot area. They can see the invisible & planar spirits but they also see you. This power makes the users eyes glow with an unearthly light not to mention the sanity shattering things that are seen or will see them!
Kiss The Demon Level 3 - The user's charisma increases by +3 for when this power is in use. They are the ultimate seducer for 2 rounds. They become magnets of the attention of their targets. This power may be used 3 times per day. If more than three times the user becomes a loathsome worm. An object of repulsion to the target & subject to scorn, threats, as well as worse! 
Twisting of Time's Branches Level 4 -The user can hold the space time continuum for 2 minutes of their time. The user seems to disappear as the flow of time moves past them. They can make 1d3 minor changes to those around them within a 20 foot radius. If used more then 3 times per day there is a 20 % that they will attract the attention of a planar time elemental. They will try to eat the character using this power. There is also a chance of time burns each time a character rolls a 1 on effecting items within their area of space time. Damage from a time burn is 1d6 points of damage in the form of strange luminous crystal like flaking of the subject's skin. This can only be healed by other super science powers & expensive medical treatments.



  1. These are dandy. I love Super-Science!

  2. Thanks very much Justin! We've got more super science goodness to come!


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