Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hunting Gryphon Worgs Of Alphania 9 - They'll Hunt Your Children & Grandma!

File:Griffon hadhramaut.jpg

No. Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
 Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, tail)
Damage: 2d6/2d6/2d6
Morale: 10 

1. It sees in the infra red turning night into day & it can sense your fear at a 1000 yards
2. By the time you read these words it has your scent 
3. They are monsters out of myth & legend that human kind is still scared of & chattered about in legend 
4. They have a bite that will tear through soft metal with little problem, & claws that can tear through flesh & bone in under 3 seconds flat 
5. They use a fast acting poison that acts so fast you don't have time to scream! 
6. They've eaten your face off by the time you've gotten here 

They are the remains of over 5 centuries of genetic manipulation by the ancestors of mankind. Gryphon Worgs are the reality behind the legends of the griffons & they are angry. This race of hunting animals was bred with the pure aggression that comes from an artificial predator that combines the best qualities of  canines, hawks, rodents, & arachnid. 
These creatures are still found on the hunting preserve worlds of the Atlans and the Titans. Where these strange ancient beings tread they left behind their guard  creatures! 
The Gryphon Worgs can sense the invisible & track by infrared with little problems at all 
 They use three attacks their bite, their claws, & a lashing attack with their tales. The tale is laced with thousands of micro spines that inject a lethal cocktail of anti coagulant viruses & micro tearing nanites through their victims blood steams.  The victim must save versus death or be drown within their own entrails. Their attacks look something like 2d6/2d6/2d6.Some pirate worlds use these monsters as guardians when a young child is brought into a den of these creatures. The child will be accepted by the pack or torn apart. This is often a rite of passage on some barbaric worlds.
 They can still be found among the crews of some barbaric worlds as hunting animals. They are cruel & fearless often fighting to the death before knowing any fear 
File:Gryphon walking to left, British Museum No. 904.JPG

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